All I want is YOU.

Jenna was finally going to get her big break. She was flying to L.A. to record her first album. What happens when she runs in to a curly haired guy that ruined her past. Will they fall in love again? or will he still be that PLAYER he has been all along. read and find out. BTW THIS STORY HAS MUCH MATURE CONTENT SO BE CAREFUL. ha idc what age you guys are im just warning you guys. ok now lets start this...<3...btw it wont let me put a picture in so the first chapter with have my pic that i want for it to be ok. k.


1. shock?



 I was on my way to the airport to meet my record label, i will finally be getting my big break I've been craving. I want to be the next big pop star. Anyways I was getting out of my taxi and payed the guy, I walked in and went through security and finally got on my "private" plane. It wasn't private, it was for famous people. So basically its a normal plane except full of high class famous people and allot of body guards. I walked through to get to my seat and sat down. I was so tired it was 4am and I didn't get any sleep. So i decided to put my headphones in and close my eyes for the rest of the plane ride. As soon as I closed my eyes I felt someone shift and sit next to me. I have opened my eyes to see who it was. The guy was bending over and tying his shoe. I ignored who he was and went back to sleeping. "Jenna?" I felt a tap on my shoulder and i opened my eyes. "oh my god what do you wa- I cut myself off and stared with wide eyes. It was him. That cheater. The person i hated the most in this planet. He was. Harry Edward Styles. "Uh sorry" he said stuttering. I still looked at him like i was going to throw up. "um hello?" he spoke again. "what are you doing here?" i said giving him the most disgusting face i could pull. "i- uhh we have to go record for our new album in California". I just rolled my eyes, great. "Well why are you sitting next to me?" "This is my seat." I rolled my eyes again and put my headphones back in my ears and tried to ignore him. Omg. I cant believe I'm seeing him again. I honestly thought that the last time i saw him was the last time i would've ever seen that douche bag. You see we had a interesting history. I knew him since we were toddlers and we finally told each other our feelings we had for each other in the 9th grade and i thought he felt the same way but no. He was cheating on me the whole time we were together so i ended and left him. After that I focused on my music and really wanted to write my own so i called a bunch of record deals until i found the perfect one for me and now I'm going to live my dream and I'm not going to let this dick ruin it for me.

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