All I want is YOU.

Jenna was finally going to get her big break. She was flying to L.A. to record her first album. What happens when she runs in to a curly haired guy that ruined her past. Will they fall in love again? or will he still be that PLAYER he has been all along. read and find out. BTW THIS STORY HAS MUCH MATURE CONTENT SO BE CAREFUL. ha idc what age you guys are im just warning you guys. ok now lets start this...<3...btw it wont let me put a picture in so the first chapter with have my pic that i want for it to be ok. k.


3. Recording and stuff.

Jenna's POV: I got through all the security and airport check out stuff and finally got in my taxi to get to the Island Records studio. Once I got there, I payed the cab driver and headed inside to meet my D.J, Rob  hes going to be my recording artist who will be with me in the studio and help me with my vocals. As I was walking in to my studio i ran in to someone very familiar looking. "Gosh I'm so sorry!" He turned so he ran to help me pick up my bag. OMG. It was Justin Bieber. Ok Jenna contain yourself. "oh no its totally fine i got it" he looked up at me and smiled handing me my bag. I could seriously melt right there he was so beautiful an I've had the biggest crush on him since day one. "I'm justin" he said putting his hand out for me. I giggled. "whats so funny?" "who doesn't know that?" we both laughed. "So what's your name beautiful?" Justin bieber just said i was beautiful. ahh. "I'm jenna." i said shaking his hand. "Nice name" i blushed a little but contained myself. "thanks" "so what are you doing here" justin asked while we walked towards the same recording studio. "Well I'm here to meet my recording producers, and start working on my new single and album." "who are you recording with" justin said stopping in the corridor of the hallway. "D.J Rob" "Oh yeah rob kimmy i know him i worked with him the first time i got to record also. i'll show you where he is, come on." i followed justin to end of the massive building and stopped at a glass door and rob came and opened it for us. "Heyy jenna!" rob said opening his arms to pull me in to a hug. I returned the hug i was pushed in to. I liked rob, he was such a chill, cool hipster and he always reminded me of Travis Mccoy. I guess it was he dreads or the gauges he wears. But he understands me and my music i can literally talk to him about anything and he'll get me. "Wanna run some tracks jenna and have your first viewer tell you how it is?" rob said pointing to justin. Oh no what if he doesn't like it or does the whole fake thing where he says he likes your music but really doesn't ahh and these are the times I really hate rob. "yeah i wanna have a listen!" justin said pushing me in to the recording booth. "Um-ya ok sure." i set my bag down and put my head phones on and started.

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