All I want is YOU.

Jenna was finally going to get her big break. She was flying to L.A. to record her first album. What happens when she runs in to a curly haired guy that ruined her past. Will they fall in love again? or will he still be that PLAYER he has been all along. read and find out. BTW THIS STORY HAS MUCH MATURE CONTENT SO BE CAREFUL. ha idc what age you guys are im just warning you guys. ok now lets start this...<3...btw it wont let me put a picture in so the first chapter with have my pic that i want for it to be ok. k.



I woke up with the sunlight hitting my face. I looked to my right and harry was still there with his fedora covering the top half of his face. Huh...i cant believe hes right there. Anyways i pulled out my phone to see what time it was. Its was 7:20am so i have about 45mines left on this torturous plane with him. So I decided to get out my laptop and try to survive these 45mins. And right when I thought it couldn't get any worse Harry's head shifted and landed on my shoulder. GREAAT...... The flight attendant finally announced that we would be landing in 10mins, everyone got up to get their bags and stuff so i decided to do the same thing. But harry was still asleep. "Harry get up" i said nudging him slightly. Nothing. "Come on harry wake up" i said shaking him. Still nothing. He was a really deep sleeper. But I knew exactly was to do to get him to get up. "Harry if you don't get up I'll-" i got really close to his ear and whispered loudly "cut your hair." Harry's POV: i heard someone say they'd cut my hair and i knew exactly who it was. But i wanted to play the game we usually play if she wanted it was what we'll do, even though i hate admitting it i really missed her. I was going to play until i heard actual scissors snipping by my ear. Damn. How the hell does she get scissors. I felt her grab a piece of my hair. Just as she did, I grabbed her hand. "Don't you dare." i whispered in her ear and i felt her tense and her breath speed up. She was struggling to get out of my hold but i just held it tighter. "Harry.." jenna whimpered. Our eyes were locked the whole time and i finally let her wrist go. "Douche" Jenna said under her breath has she climbed over me to get out of her seat. I just chuckled slightly at her comment. This is going to be fun. ;)

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