All I want is YOU.

Jenna was finally going to get her big break. She was flying to L.A. to record her first album. What happens when she runs in to a curly haired guy that ruined her past. Will they fall in love again? or will he still be that PLAYER he has been all along. read and find out. BTW THIS STORY HAS MUCH MATURE CONTENT SO BE CAREFUL. ha idc what age you guys are im just warning you guys. ok now lets start this...<3...btw it wont let me put a picture in so the first chapter with have my pic that i want for it to be ok. k.


5. crap what did I do...

I gave Justin one last hug and than watched as he got in his car a drove off. I started walking down the sidewalk. I heard a car beep next to me, it was still driving. He rolled his window down "hey come on get in" harry asked. "No i'll walk." "Uhh no you wont, now get in." I just kept walking. Harry stopped the car next to the side walk and got out. "Come on i said i'll give you a ride" harry was following me. "And i never excepted your offer, now go away harry." I started walking a little faster until he grabbed my hand and pulled me in to his chest and held my waist tightly. It was around 11pm and we were stood next to an alley. "Harry let me go" i tried to get out of his hold but he held me tighter. "Your not going anywhere love" harry said looking at me straight in the eyes. "Now come on get in the car" "Harry.." He started kissing down my neck. "Hmm?" Harry knew exactly what he was doing to me and I wasn't going to fall for it. "Harry let me go!" He pushed me against the dark alley's wall and sucked harshly on my sweet spot, and he knew exactly where that was located. "Come on babe let me at least give you a ride and you know what i mean when i say that, I'll give you a ride on my car...and a ride on this." he said while rubbing his now hard cock on me. "Harry....stop." "Are you sure babe i don't think you want me to stop" He was blowing air on my new sensitive skin. "I missed you so much.." He said against my neck dabbing kisses on the bruise. I gasped when he said that. "Come on baby lets go" he said and picked me up from the back of my thighs, thankfully he did because my knees were so weak from him. I got in his car and just sat there i didn't want to talk to him or even look at him at this point i hate him and he hurt me i can't loose myself in him. It was a very quiet drive i just looked out my window the whole time. "Just here to here to the left." i said as i saw my hotel. But Harry kept going straight and didn't even bother to say anything. "harry you just passed my hotel." "you can stay with me tonight" harry said and i could see the smirk starting to form on his lips. "NO Harry fucking take me back to my hotel now!" He didn't say anything, just kept looking straight ahead. I was so pissed "UGHH" i said aggravated by him running my hands to my hair and leaning back in to my seat. Harry chuckled at me. What. A. Dick.

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