True Love

I'm changing things up and making a nonfanfiction so yeah. This is a romance story that stars an 18 year old girl named Clover. She hates this guy named Chase but she has these feelings she cant explain. Read True Love to find out more!!


9. 5

     Chase and I were at Chase's house. Sitting on his couch, awkwardly. "So...'' I said. "So, I wanted to tell you something.'' Chase said. ''Yes?'' I asked. Chase blew out hard and ran a hand through his perfect hair. "I am so sorry for how I have been treating you. I only do it to hide the fact......... I... I love you Clover.'' My mouth dropped open. I sat there like an idiot for a minute before I leaned over and pecked him on the lips. I felt a jolt of electricity bolt through me. I realized, I love him too. "Chase.... I feel the same. Do umm.... Do you wanna..... kiss?'' I asked awkwardly. Chase smiled a droopy smile. "Sure'' He said, leaning in. I leaned in, too, until our lips touched. Shock. He put his hand on the back of my neck. Shock. My lips parted and he explored my mouth with his tongue. Shock. Every movement we made, shocked my body with multiple shocks of electricity. I pulled back with my eyes still closed. "Chase, that was amazing.'' I breathed, opening my eyes. He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. " Well, umm.... would you like to go to the movie theater with me tonight?'' He asked. "Of course! How about at 7?'' Chase nodded,'' Yeah, I'll pick you up. It's 3 now. I'll bring you home.'' I smiled. "Sure. I'd like that.''

 So now I'm home, digging through my closet an hour later. I have nothing to wear. And I want to dye my hair too. I looked at the clock. 4:30. Maybe if I hurry, I can buy a dress and change my hair color, and maybe style. I grabbed 100$ out of my money stock and longboarded to the mall.




 So I bought this cute outfit

, And I changed my hair to this



 I checked the clock. 6:45. Shit!!! I hopped on my board and hurried home. I changed into my outfit and changed my makeup. 6:58. I laughed. ''Ninja.'' I giggled.

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