True Love

I'm changing things up and making a nonfanfiction so yeah. This is a romance story that stars an 18 year old girl named Clover. She hates this guy named Chase but she has these feelings she cant explain. Read True Love to find out more!!


8. 4

               I woke up at 6 and stretched. I frowned realizing it's Tuesday and I checked my phone. No update from school. Its back on. I looked over and saw Claire waking up. I jumpedto the ground and did my ninja roll to the bathroom to shower.

       After I showered, Claire was up and was putting two outfits on the bed. She nodded at a cute outfit saying,'' All yours.'' Then took her outfit to the bathroom with her. I smiled and changed into this.

 I sled my hair to the usual and sat on the bed waiting for Claire to come out. When she did, she was wearing this.

 " Off to school.'' Claire groaned and grabbed her backpack and phone. I did the same and we marched out to the car.


       The girls' bacpacks and Claire's phone case:

 Clover's Backpack is the mustache one and Claire's is the Bow and dotted one.

 And this is Claire's phone case.


   We arrived at school and head into the gym because since we missed it yesterday, We also have it for first period. We are doing gymnastics so we have to wear sports bras and tight shot shorts.

(That's what all the girls had to wear^^^^) I came out and all theboys whistled at us. I groaned and sat on the bleachers. Our teacher is having the girls go one by one sshowing off their gymnastics skill to the boys. It sucks. I was first. I strted running and did 2 front flips, and a front hand spring. Then ending my show by doing 4 back flips then landing the last one in te splits. All the girls glared at me and the boys whistled and did hip thrusts in the air. I groaned and walkd to the bleachers to watch every other girl fail. Man, I wish Claire was In this class with me. When gym ended, I was walking to the locker rooms last when Chase pushed me against the wall, covering my mouth and making sure we were alone. He finally let off and I screamed,'' Chase! What the actual fuck are you fucking doing?!?!'' He smirked and stared at my chest. ''I'm standing here. What else?'' I glared at him and said,'' I need to change. Go away.'' Chase smirked and said,'' I would rather watch, but, we are gonna ditch and go to my place. My eyes widened.''What?! I am not doing that!'' Chase traced a finger down my hips, making me shiver and tingle. ''Baby, I wont do anything. We need to talk, and we need to now. Go change. i'll wait here.'' He let me go and pushed me into the changing room. I hurried and changed into my day clothes and walked out to Chase. He smiled, not a smirk or sneer, a genuine smile. Wow. He slipped his and into mine tenderly, and we hurried out the door to his car, unnoticed.

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