True Love

I'm changing things up and making a nonfanfiction so yeah. This is a romance story that stars an 18 year old girl named Clover. She hates this guy named Chase but she has these feelings she cant explain. Read True Love to find out more!!


6. 3

The way Clover styled her hair.



     I was in my costume waiting for Claire. She finally showed up and we went to the party. Yay!!!
    -Skipping parry. It was just a dance party. The usual. Don't punch me.-
          Claire and I got back to Claire's house that night and we changed into pajamas. Claire said,'' Ok, You get the popcorn. I'll put in the Hunger Games. Gooooo!!!!!'' I laughed and made popcorn and headed back to Claire's room. "ClaireBear, Do you know that band called One Direction?'' "Yes......'' Claire said, making a face. '' Do you think Harry is hot?'' Claire laughed and shrugged. ''Sure.'' I giggled and nodded, sitting criss-crossed on the bed. I looked down at the pajamas I was wearing. They were Claire's brothers sweats and one of Claire's shirt. I made a face. ''Yo, Claire?'" I mumbled. "Sup?'' She asked, not removing her eyes from the screen. '' Can I go and get my pajamas from home?'' Claire snapped her head to me. "But Chase lives next to me. He will see you. He might even Rape you!!!! No Clove! No way!!" I frowned and pouted. " But Josh's pants smell like shit and your shirt is too big, Miss Boobalicious!'' Claire snorted with laughter and said,'' K Tiny Titties, Ill drive you.'' I stuck out my toungue and hopped down the stairs. Claire followed me, on her phone for some reason. I slapped her phone and made her drop it. She laughed and ran to the car. I chased her and hopped in the passenger side. We sped to my house and I ran and got my Batman PJ's. Then I changed and we sped back to Claire's place.
           Claire's PJ's~

   Clover's PJ's~


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