True Love

I'm changing things up and making a nonfanfiction so yeah. This is a romance story that stars an 18 year old girl named Clover. She hates this guy named Chase but she has these feelings she cant explain. Read True Love to find out more!!


4. 2

    I hopped on my board and headed to the mall. Once I got there, I called my friend Claire. "Yellow?'' She answered. '' Sup sista from a different mista?! I'm at the mall. I want you to come here!'' "Got it. Be there soon.'' Alrightyyyyyyy'' I hung up and started walking to Hot Topic when strong arms grabbed me. "Hey Babe. You look sexy today.'' Chase. "Get the fuck away from me Chase! I am not in the mood for your bullshit!'' I exclaimed, struggling to get free. "Whoa whoa whoa baby. I just wanted to say hey. What are you up to? Going to the Slut Store?'' HE started laughing like that was the funniest joke ever. "Dude, even your jokes are retarded. Fuck off before I bite you.'' I twisted out of his arms and slapped him. "Leave me alone.'' I started to walk off until Chase grabbed my arm and twisted it. "Listen bitch. You don't slap me or I will make your life hell. So slap me again. I dare you.'' I bit his arm and twisted away from him. I started running to Zoomies and hid behind the counter. "Hey! Clover! Why are you hiding again?'' I heard my manager shout. "Oh. Sup Lisa? I'm just running from the devil again.'' I said, standing up. "Oh yeah. He just ran by. I don't think he will see you. Now out before I make you work extra tomorrow.'' I yelped and ran out of the store. I almost ran into Claire. "ClaireBear!!'' I screamed, earning a few glances from strangers. "CloveStove!!!!!!'' She screamed and we hugged laughing. We started walking to Spencer's to get new FlatCaps. "I want the Batman one!!!!'' I yelled, running to the hat. Claire laughed and grabbed the Metal looking one. "off we go'' Claire shouted, pointing to the sky. She started running to the cash register. I laughed and followed. " That will be $40'' We took out our money and handed it to the worker. "Thanks.'' we said and left. " Hey, Wanna go to a costume party with me tonight?'' Claire asked. "Sure. Pick me up at 7 and we can go together.'' I answered and went outside. "Gotta run. Its already 6. I'm gonna go get ready.'' Claire nodded and started home. I did too, but thinking about my costume..... Batman....

This is Claire

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