Summer Love a Harry Styles Fanfic

A group of girls were on their way to the bathroom but they run into some one "cheeky"! read the rest to find out!!


3. Freedome

Jades P.O.V

Today the girls are coming over after school to get ready for our graduation dance! I'm so excited!! XD!! 

"ok, What the hell are we going to wear!!?" Leanne asked a little worried.

" That's why we are going to go to the mall!! to pick something out like an nice pencil dress or something" I said 

That's when she stared to calm down. When I turned around Jesy is staring at a picture of Niall. Haha no surprise there. Just like normal Perrie was reading a magazine and Dani was checking her facebook and Leanne was well... hanging upside down on my bed. 

  The girls and I showed up at the mall their were lots, I mean up to a million or more girls their! 

" Girls' look....." Perrie said we all turned around and saw really attractive boys walk out of the Nike store. 

" Can we go look for our dresses now please!!! "Jesy whined as she kept staring at the boys.

" Yes! lets go to Forever 21!! " we yelled as we all earned glares and stares from everyone except the boys for some reason they were laughing...umm weird. 

" Ahhhh! we are finally here! " Dani said as she went running to the dresses. 

( after trying on thousands and millions of dress later ) 

I think everyone was happy with their dresses that they got. 

" I'm going to look around some is that ok with you guys? " Leanne aske

" Yeah, sure, go ahead! " we said and she left in a flash. 


Leanne's P.O.V

I was on my way to the front of the store when I " ran " into 1D merchandise! while I was looking I couldn't help but look up and see them.. the Nike boys as I now call them standing outside the store we were in. hummm this is getting weird. As I started walking back to the girls one of them yelled " Hey " I turned around, they waved and I gave a shy little wave. I texted Perrie, Dani, Jesy and Jade to meet me on the front of the store. 


Jade's P.O.V

As the girls and I  walked up to the front of the store we found Leanne buying 1D merch. haha no surprise! 

We all walked over and she whispered " Look out the doors, the boys from the Nike store are standing their."

The girls and I slowly looked up and saw the boys standing their. I wonder what they want? 

" We done here? because its about time to leave for the dance!! " Leanne said 

As we walked out of the store the boys put their phones down and were staring at us!! OK that's creepy. 

As we rounded the corner I stopped walking. 

" What are you doing? " the girls asked at once. we really need to stop doing that. 

" Just you wait and see!!! I yelled back to them. 

As I peeked around the corner the boys still sat their.  This is going to be fun :) 


Leanne's P.O.V

" CREEPS!!!! " we jumped and say Jade running to the door. 

" Run freaks! " Jade said while laughing " Run now!! " we did as we were told and ran straight to the car. 


Jade's P.O.V 

Once we got to my house we all took showers and did our make up and hair.

" Ow! you burned me! " Dani yelled 

" Suck it up!! " Perrie said with a little giggle. 

Leanne, Jesy and I were ready to go, so it was about 15 min later that Dani and Perrie were dressed and ready to go. 

LWWY started to blast through my room, I looked down it was a text from my date for tonight, his name is Drake, he's really nice! 

( txt convo)

Dx- Hey you know about tonight? the dance?

Me!- Yeah! I can't wait

Dx- bout that... i'm not going anymore. It's not me its you. 

Me!- wait did you just say it was me?

Dx- Your fat, ugly, your  a geek! I only asked you to the dance to get a reaction!

Me!- Wow! I should have seen this coming! Well, you got my reaction. Don't call or txt me evr again!! 

( end of convo )

I cant believe what just happened. I started to cry. silently. 


" darling are you home at all? " my mum had asked

" Yes, Y?" 

that when my mum slid a white envelope under the door and when I opened it i literately died.

My mum bought me and the girls 1D passes and meet and greets!! and front row tickets!! 

" you girls go to bed cuz you have to wake up early " thats when mum walked away from the door . 


all I know is that the girls and I are on our way to the U.K  in early morning.

and the girls and I are on our way to 



( authors note ) 

how do you like this chapter?? im working on the next but i need feed back!! luv my readers and my followers!! leave a comment! 



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