Not Quite Turquoise

What happens when you wake up in a hospital bed and remember almost nothing from your life? Without a past or a memory, all you have is the future.


1. Prologue

  My eyes shot open. I stared at my blue ceiling in relief, my heart beating in my ears like a drum. Tears streaming down my face, sweat running through my hair like shampoo. These were the kind of dreams I had been having lately. I didn't even remember them, all I knew about them was the state they left me in. I quickly shook myself out of my state and started getting ready for school. I washed my face and then started straightening my slightly-damp-from-last-nights-shower hair.   My hair was golden blonde and longish with little waves around the sides of my face. It was thick, but frizzy. Once my hair was pencil-straight, I put on some foundation and mascara. I stared at my eyes in the mirror while applying my mascara in long strokes. My eyes were two slightly different colors. Not really noticeable, but definitely there. My left eye was green-blue, while my right eye was grey-blue.  So many people had tried to describe them, but no one had ever gotten it right. I heard the rain drumming against my roof and sighed, knowing that I wasn't getting a ride to school before even asking. I gave my mum a quick hug goodbye, grabbed a Popsicle, and started my half-hour walk to school. After getting past one block, I started to feel uneasy. I shook it off, but when I saw a shadow, I couldn't help but let my instincts take over, and start to run. The next thing I felt was a searing pain on the left side of my head, and the world became a pitch black, moonless night.   Authors note: hey:) i hope you liked the first chapter! It seems pretty dark but it will get better! Please like, vote, or comment what you think!
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