One Direction Imagines

Comment below if you want an imagine! I need your name, hair color, eye color, and who you want to be with! I'll make the imagine as fast as I can!


3. Your on your period

Liam: You are at home and Liam is at the studio.  Your period had hit yesterday. You get a text: Hey babe! You okay? You didn't seem well this morning.   You reply: Yeah. I'm fine. Just that time of month. 
He comes home 10 minutes later and came upstairs where you were sitting on your bed watching a movie, trying to distract yourself from the cramps.  He pulls you into his lap and starts to rub your stomach. Trying to help with the pain. 

Louis: You woke up next to your boyfriend Louis. You had started your period again overnight and had bled through your pants and a little bit onto the bed. "Crap. I'm sorry Louis." He kisses your cheek.  "It's okay. You go get cleaned up and I'll go pick up some tampons and chocolate." "I love you." You say before you go into the bathroom to get cleaned up. 

Zayn: Crap. Your period hit. You texted Zayn. "Period hit today. I hate cramps. Can you get me some tampons?" Zayn replies. "Got tampons, a teddy bear, and a movie." 
"I love you." You reply

Niall: "Niall babe?" You say from the bathroom. He comes running to the door and says through the door, "Yeah babe? Are you okay?" "Yes baby, I'm okay. My period just hit. The door is unlocked. Can you run into our room and grab a tampon from my drawer?" Niall comes in 1 minute later with one hand covering his eyes and one holding out the tampon. You grab it and he walks out an shuts the door. "Thanks babe!" 

"(Y/N) babe? Where are you?" Harry said walking into the house that you too shared. "Upstairs." You groaned. You were huddled in a ball, holding your stomach. Your period had hit that morning and the cramps were awful. Harry walked upstairs. He ran over to you. "Babe?!? Are you okay?" He says nervously. "Yes Harry. It's just period cramps." Harry picked you up bridal style and sat on you an his's bed with you in his lap. He rubbed your stomach with one hand and with the other he played with your hair. He kissed your forehead and you two watched a movie. 

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