One Direction Imagines

Comment below if you want an imagine! I need your name, hair color, eye color, and who you want to be with! I'll make the imagine as fast as I can!


1. An Imagine For Everyone

"(Y/N)? Babe?" Harry said walking through the door. "I'm upstairs!" You yell. You hear footsteps. Harry walked into your and his bedroom where you were sitting on the bed, reading the hunger games. He fell face first into the bed. Acting like he passed out.  "Hard day?" You said giggling. "We recorded 6 songs." He said laying his head in your  lap. You played with his curls. "Sorry, babe." You say. "It's okay. I'm with you now. My day is better." He said grinning. He leaned up, grabbed your face gently and kissed me. You kissed him back. It was 10:30 PM.  You broke the kiss and crawled under the covers.  Harry held you close to him. "Like I said. My day is much better." Harry said. You fell asleep in his arms. 

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