The Friends we used to be

Hannah and Harry were best friends since the day they were born. There parents were best friends and now they are. Hannah and Harry were irreseperateable. One day Harry tries out for X Factor and becomes a world famous singer with his boyband. Harry never calls,texts, or email he doesn't do anything to keep in touch with Hannah. Hannah cries every night wishing he would come back. When Hannah finally moves on she sees Harry again will she move on or tell him a secret she has been holding for a very long time.




After Harry made it  with his group one direction I was broken. So I left home and went to New York City and found my job as a secretary and since then I made one friend named Adrianna she has been my best friend for 4 years now and she is the only one that knows about Harry besides my parents.


When I got home from the park I made myself a cup of yorkshire tea and went in my room. I tripped over a box from undr my ben when i was walking to sit on my bed. I pulled it out and it was a box filled with pictures of me and harry that we took when i got my first poloroid camera. I just let the tears I held in all my emotions for so long that I just need to let them go. After about an hour I stopped cying and realised that there is more important things to cry over. You know what from now on I am over HARRY STYLES!

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