The Friends we used to be

Hannah and Harry were best friends since the day they were born. There parents were best friends and now they are. Hannah and Harry were irreseperateable. One day Harry tries out for X Factor and becomes a world famous singer with his boyband. Harry never calls,texts, or email he doesn't do anything to keep in touch with Hannah. Hannah cries every night wishing he would come back. When Hannah finally moves on she sees Harry again will she move on or tell him a secret she has been holding for a very long time.


1. Harry leaving for X Factor

Wow I can't believe Harry is trying out for X Faxtor! I have been telling him for so many years and so I finally filled out the papers by myself and entered him in. So now he is going to the first auditions. Harry was always able to sing. I remember when we were 5 and he would sing to me when I had a nightmare or when we had are pretend talent shows. I have known Harry since well forever. Are parents were all best friends so they planned us around the same time and they became neighbors. I put on a floral dress that went a little above my knees, then I put minimal makeup on, my toms and threw my hair in a messy bun. I kissed my mum and told her we were leaving for the auditions. "wait Hannah I am coming to" my mum yelled! Well hurry up then!!!! I yelled. We walked over and I ran into the house and up the stairs to Harry's room! I didn't knock because it's practically my house too and Anne said I didn't have to. When I walked into Harry's room he was frantically pacing around the room. What are you doing Hazza. I am just so nervous. He said. "Relax Hazza I wouldn't have filled out all those papers if I didn't think you were good. And between you and me you are the best singer I have ever heard even better then Justin Bieber and that takes a lot of guts for me to say that."                     

        "Thanks Hannah This is why I love you! Hannah Promise me that no matter where this world takes us you will always be my best friend."

        "Forever and Always Hazza!" I said and huggeed him so tight like I never wanted to let him go. 



        9 years ago. Hazza pwease come sleep over tonight. Ok Hannah Bananana. Let's get a blanket and put in in the grass so we can watch the stars. I screamed. We got a blanket and layed on it and watched the stars. Hannah promise me that no matter where this world takes us you will always be my best friend. Forever and Always Hazza! And with that we fell asleep.

                                         End of flashback.    


      We went down stairs and got in the car. We had about an hour drive. Me and Harry fell asleep with our arms wrapped around each other. When I woke up Harry was still sleeping He was so cute when he sleeps. If only he knew how I truly felt.

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