The Friends we used to be

Hannah and Harry were best friends since the day they were born. There parents were best friends and now they are. Hannah and Harry were irreseperateable. One day Harry tries out for X Factor and becomes a world famous singer with his boyband. Harry never calls,texts, or email he doesn't do anything to keep in touch with Hannah. Hannah cries every night wishing he would come back. When Hannah finally moves on she sees Harry again will she move on or tell him a secret she has been holding for a very long time.


2. 4 years later

4 years later

" WAIT WAIT STOP PLEASE" I screamed at the taxi but it kept going I am going to be late for work and my boss is going to kill me! I had to take the bus which means I will be one hour late and I am totally toast. finally I got to the tall building where I work as a secretary for elementary school in New York. I ran to the office and mrs. Blabby pants what I called her told me to pack up my things that 1 time being late was fine but 10 times in one month is not.

Great now I am fired and I am goin to be homeless too if I don't find another job. I went the park it's where I always think. I found my special bench. And started crying I always bring myself to think of Harry everyday. I try to forget him but I just can't. He was my best friend an I loved him more that just a friend. I know what you are thinking harry styles well yes I am the one who mad him audition for X factor and yes I WAS is best friend. He forgot about me though. He texted me every once in awhile bit then nothing and it breaks me all I have of him is the ring he got me when we were on our way to X factor that has forever&always engraved in it. And he has a matching one. I miss him more and more everyday.

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