A week of madness

Dylan and Jessie were your average twin gamers. They tried to beat eachother at everything. The only game that ever brought them together was Minecraft. Little did they know that their life was about to be changed by the game...


1. Messages of...welcomes?


     I wake up to the sound of gunshots. Fake gunshots that is. My sister Jessie is downstairs playing Call of duty. Wait...what time is it? I turned my head and looked at my alarm clock. 5:30. My sister is up playing video games at 5:30 in the morning. Unbelievable. Even I don't get up until at least 9:00. Groaning I pulled the thick covers off of me and put on some shorts and a t-shirt. Walking downstairs I saw her on the couch with a controller in hand. She took one glance at me and then looked back to her game. I sludged into the kitchen and pulled out a bowl and some cereal. Eating my dry breakfast, I sat next to her.

     "Mom is coming later." She mumbled, her eyes glued onto the screen. "Thought we might want to play some Minecraft, yeah?"

     "Sure whatever." I said putting my bowl into the sink. I sat once again beside her and picked up my iPod. Before I knew It I was asleep listening to my favorite music. 


                                                                                               *     *     *

     When I woke again I heard my mother's scolding telling my sister to get off the computer and go out side. I laughed to myself. As if that would ever happen. I got up and opened my laptop next to her's. I logged onto my minecraft account and started playing with her. We decided to start a new world. When the world loaded big letters flashed across the screen saying 'Real life gaming mode now commencing'. My sister had the same thing on her screen. She shot me a scared look, and before I could say anything everything went black.


                                                                                             *     *     *

      The sound of a horn woke me once again. Looking around me I realized that we were...in...MINECRAFT!  I slapped myself making sure this was real. It was. My sister was sitting next to me staring at the sky with her block head. Ha! She has a fat head. Words shot across the sky saying 'Welcome all! Welcome to the greatest experiment on the planet! You all were playing minecraft at the exact same time!'  Wait...us all? There are more people? '15 people have been transported into our game. Now here are the rules.1 No killing of each other. 2 no teams bigger than two people. 3 no trying to escape. It is hopeless. Any violators of these rules will be sent to the room of shame, which ends with being dropped into the void. By the way being dropped into the void means that you will be kicked from the game and from life...so... GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND WELCOME! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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