A week of madness

Dylan and Jessie were your average twin gamers. They tried to beat eachother at everything. The only game that ever brought them together was Minecraft. Little did they know that their life was about to be changed by the game...


6. Day 5


     I let this Braden guy sleep over only because I had too much of a heart to send him off into the night no matter how much he protested saying he could handle anything that came his way. He slept in the the guest room...I hope, and Jessie slept in her new room which I decorated just the way she likes it. There is a big open door in her room that leads out to a porch and the same with my room. I got up with the sun to get an early start of the day. I stopped at my bathroom on my way downstairs to clean up and I brushed my teeth and washed my hands and face. Then I went straight to the den room. My new hunting dog Ash was sleeping in the pen I made him. His name fit him perfectly. He has black eyes and a almost black coat with little white spots reminding me of ashes. His grey collar finished the look. I unlocked the cage and let him outside to do whatever it is he does out there. Then I went to the kitchen to make breakfast for My sister and that boy of hers. Not really having any breakfast food I made hot chicken sandwiches and fruit straight from my farm.

     When they were both down here I served them and myself then let Ash back in. The dog was carrying half a chicken. Poor thing. She sat there eating noisily crunching hard on the bones as we ate in silence. Nasty animal. When we were done Braden spoke.

     "I should probably get going. Dont want to be a bother to anyone."


     "No!" My sister cried. "Stay here with us. I like having you around its like having another brother." His face fell when she said that and I could tell he did not want her thinking of him as a brother. As she ran upstairs we talked as I put the dishes away.

     "She thinks of me as a brother?" He asked in disgust.

     "Apparently." I said understanding how much he must like her. That moment a blaring of trumpets sounded just like when we first got here. We all ran outside reading the sky (no matter how weird that sounds your just going to have to get used to it). 

'Congrats to Jessie, Braden, and Dylan for being the last three survivors. We had to end early because of the shocking power bill, but we congratulate you all! You guys really are the top survivors. Because of that We are shutting down the game and leaving you inside it well...forever. Have fun children and good luck!'

     "Your kidding!" I shouted and punched a wall. But neither my sister nor Braden were paying any attention to me. They were kissing. Long and hungrily. I slowly walked away leaving them to their business. Well were stuck here...forever. All this has made me realize something. How I had wasted my life with things that were not important. Now Im regretting it. But sadly enough...Ive realized to late.

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