A week of madness

Dylan and Jessie were your average twin gamers. They tried to beat eachother at everything. The only game that ever brought them together was Minecraft. Little did they know that their life was about to be changed by the game...


5. Day 4


     I woke up to the sound of the door opening. In walked Braden...only wearing a towel.

     "Went to the lake to wash up." He quickly explained. I nodded my head slowly. He then went to a chest opened it and took out some clothes and new Armour. He made a turn around gesture with his finger and I turned around until he told me I could turn back. He looked good in iron. He combed his already perfect hair with his fingers than sat on the bed next to me and sighed.

     "If you want me to I can take you back to your brother today." He said while looking at the ground. 

      I sighed. "Yes please"

     "Okay lets go."

     The hike to my brother's house was fun because we rode on pigs guiding them with carrots on sticks. When we approached the now huge house in front of us we got off the pigs and knocked on the door. My brother answered quickly and then shoved me into his arms when he saw me.

     "Where have you been?"

     "I had a little accident." I said looking down."

     "Who is your...friend here?" He asked looking Braden up and down.

     "This is Braden. He saved me from a crowd of zombies." I said simply

     "My sister needed help from a crowd of zombies! Ha! who have you turned into?" He asked bursting into laughter.

     Braden spoke up almost instantly." Everyone needs help sometimes and she needed help then so I was there for her."

     Dylan stopped laughing and invited us in. 

     Looking around I saw he really completed the place. It had diamond and iron block floor and gold and obsidian walls. The kitchen had a checkered floor and a big counter which we sat on as he served us a 3 course meal. First was carrots apples and bread for appetizer, then was mushroom and chicken stew and fish, then was chocolate cake and pumpkin pie. All the food was delicious but not as good as Braden's. Im really gonna miss this guy.

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