A week of madness

Dylan and Jessie were your average twin gamers. They tried to beat eachother at everything. The only game that ever brought them together was Minecraft. Little did they know that their life was about to be changed by the game...


4. Day 3


     I had searched everywhere for her. She was nowhere to be found. On my ways I filled in more of my map. All I found was a big puddle of drying blood and i was hoping to god it wasn't her's. I went back to the house bringing a dead chicken with me realizing how hungry I was. The minute I got home I skinned the chicken and put it on the fire. I had started a farm while she was gone, and I went outside to tend to it. I pulled weeds and watered the plants considering we had no rain. Then I went out to the lake to fish.



     Oh gosh she was beautiful. Perfect hair face, everything. I had to leave her though otherwise I would starve. Going out to the small lake behind the tree house I fished. After I caught 10 fish I left felling eyes on me the whole time. Suddenly something pounced onto my back. A spider. Oh I hatted them. Drawing my sword I slashed it in the back a few times then left with only a small bruise. 

     When I got back to the house It was late afternoon. I saw Jessie still sleeping on my bed so I gutted the fish and put them in the furnace. After washing my hands and my face, not being able to resist I layed down next to her and slowly and gently pressed my lips to hers. She instantly woke up but after a second she kissed me back. After a while we broke off. I was smiling...she wasnt. I frowned

     "Sorry." I mumbled. She looked down at the sheets. "I made fish." I offered and her face light up.

     "Fish is my favorite.!"

     "I also made you these." I said   getting up to get the wooden crutches I made for her overnight. She gasped and sat up eager to learn how to use them so she could walk again.

     She Is a fast learner. And after eating fish, she curled right back up on my bed falling asleep instantly. I dont want her to leave and go to her brother. Not now not ever.

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