A week of madness

Dylan and Jessie were your average twin gamers. They tried to beat eachother at everything. The only game that ever brought them together was Minecraft. Little did they know that their life was about to be changed by the game...


7. Day 13


     Even though we are stuck in this game forever im still having a blast. All three of us Braden, my brother, and I are living together. Occasionally we actually get updates and we sometimes even get shoved into mods. We recently got the horse update and now All I do all day is ride. Braden has been a real help. He teaches the dogs how to fight and he cooks all of our meals. He is a really good architect. He actually built us a second home underwater. Its great when the mo' creatures mod is in action. We can see everything from the safety of the glass dome. Right now i am getting dressed preparing to go scuba diving. I finished off by putting on the fins. Its really hard to walk in fins. Earlier this week Braden went fishing all day and he caught 108 fish! That guy is a beast. I took maybe 20 fish and some sand stone (Dylan makes really good quality sandstone) and headed towards the ocean.

      The second I got there all I heard was dolphin noises. I quickly jumped into the waster which was surprisingly warm. Pulling the fish out I called over a white one. It took 15 fish before it even thought about letting me ride it. All of a sudden I was pulled under the water so fast I felt like my arm was being pulled from its socket. 

     This dolphin was strong and I had no idea where we were going or how I was going to get home. All of a sudden we stopped and I was thrown onto the whitest sand ive ever seen. The dolphin sped away leaving me here not knowing where i am or how im going to get home.

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