No One to Save Me

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, would it make a sound?

If I die and no one is around to save me, would anyone care?

(One Direction/Zayn Malik story)


2. Life and Trees

1. Life and Trees






If a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If I die and no one is around to save me, will anyone care?





I am in a forrest. Much like the one that I go to. But I am not myself. I am a tree. A big oak tree that's been worn down to the point where it just can't go on anymore. A tree that has been chopped at, too many times. In one gust of wind my bark wavers and I start to fall. A peaceful fall to the end. All I feel is serenity. Falling to the ground. All alone in the forest. And then I hit the ground.




My alarm goes off blaring in my ears. 5:38 am. I slowly role out of my very uncomfortable bed. I sit for a moment and wash my eyes over the walls of my small room that is more similar to a closet. I've never actual had a real room. Just a cot in a closet with a small chest for my stuff, which is not very much. I only have two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts, three shirts, one jacket, and one pair of old black converse.  Also on the wall there is a smashed mirror that's better than nothing. That's mostly from memory.

I think that I had a bedroom when my mum was still alive though.

I put on a pair of skinny jeans and rolled them up. I also put on an old Ramones t-shirt. I loosely braided my hair to the side. I can tell which they are from their feel. 

I didn't have much of a wardrobe. I silently wobbled down the stairs and listened into the worn down living area. Luckily, my father was knocked out from last night, drinking. I could here his silenced heaving. I have never considered him as my father so I just call him Richard. I hate him more than anything. I always wished that one night he could just get so drunk and not wake up. 

I grabbed my school bag which only consisted of three text books, a note pad, and a broken pencil. That I always put next to the door. I opened and closed the door extremely quietly so that I didn't wake Richard. 

I had to walk to school because the busses didn't come here. They were supposed to but they were too scared. I did live in a very sketchy neighborhood but everyone was sleeping off alcohol. 

I didn't want to tell you this but you probably figured it out by now. I am mostly blind. 90% in my left eye and 70% in my right eye. I have pretty much everything memorized. I can see enough to not fall over or walk into anything but I have to remember how to get places. I haven't been blind all my life either. But that's something I really can't talk about.

I walked down the pavement to the corner of the street where I knew Ashton would be standing. Ashton has been my best friend for a couple years. He's tall yet skinny with good proportions. He has light brown hair and green eyes as I remember. 


"Hey smalls!" He yelled and hugged me. "Let's go, eh?"

"Yep!" I said back grabbing Ashton's arm. 

Ashton still didn't live in the best place but it was nicer than the house I lived in. We walked down the streets talking about just stupid little things. Like the big football game on Thursday and how I get to skip gym class. 

"It's not fair that you get to skip P.E.!" he said. 

"Well firstly, I can't see. And secondly I'm a severe asthmatic." I said back. 

"Excuses, excuses." He joked.

We walked all the way to school which was pretty far away but it was always a peaceful walk. Only one more week of school and then I can leave this horrible town. Maybe I would move to London with Ashton. That's where he wants to go. I don't think I would mind London. I used to go as a kid with my mum. It's pretty nice there, nice people too. 

I went off to my first class and Ashton went to his. English is my first class. Woohoo. 

I walked into the class minding my own self and sitting in the back of the classroom like always. The teachers always spoke everything aloud for me so that I could understand. My english teacher, Mrs. Menface, was never the nicest of teachers. She was cold hearted and often forgot that I couldn't see. People rarely sat next to me but I didn't mind. Mariah Drent always had something to say though. 

"Mrs. Menface! Why doesn't Delilah ever have to read her book?!" she yelled in her squeaky, annoying voice. 

"Because she has already read the book, Miss Drent . Now sit down and get to work!" she squawked back. Mrs. Menface might not be a nice person but like everyone else she can not stand Mariah Drent.

The day went on and on. Until I got to last period which I had free. I'm supposed to have P.E. but obviously not. I went to the same place every day, the music room. By the time I got there Ashton was sitting by the piano, reading his book. He always comes here to listen to me play while he reads.

That's one thing that I can still do. I can still play piano. I enjoy it too because it's soothing and it is quite fun. 

I sat down at the piano and played and played. Me and Ashton talked while he read and I played until the bell rang. He went to his job at the cinema and I went to the forrest.

The forrest was big with a lot of trees. It had a bridge with a small stream that flowed below it. I loved it here. No one to bother me. Richard wasn't there to scream at me or hit me. Ashton wasn't there to talk about things that I couldn't see. Mariah Drent wasn't there to be a first class bitch. There wasn't any one there to feel bad for me or pity me. Just me and the trees and the grass. And the occasional humming bird that would flit by. And the bridge. I have come here since I was a little kid. The bridge was pretty high up. Probably, 30 or 40 feet high. It was peaceful though. 

I liked to just sit here and listen. The birds, the creek, and the wind. I think a lot too. I like to think of my life before. I mean, when I could still see and I wasn't asthmatic. When my mom was alive. When I had a lot of friends. When people talked to me. When I enjoyed life. When I wasn't scared all the time. When I didn't have nightmares every night. When I actually slept every night. When I called Richard my father. When I got perfect grades. When I went out with friends and went shopping. When I was a normal kid. When I didn't hate myself. when I wanted to live. When I didn't want to die. Because back then I had a future and a good life ahead of me.

I know Richard wouldn't care. Ashton has tons of friends and would easily forget about me. All of the teachers and kids at school wouldn't care. There isn't anyone in this entire world that would really care if I did do it. If I did kill myself. If I did. If I just died. No one would notice. Eventually they would find my body. I'd be marked a Jane Doe. Maybe they would think that I was attacked from the hand print bruises on my neck and all of the others. And then I was just thrown over the bridge. People rarely come here except for hikers and lost people. 

Then I could see my mum. Be with the one person that loves me. Be happy again. Be happy with myself again. I would see again. I'd go up and live with my mum. Forever.

Then I would be happy.

I stood up with the sun setting behind me and the cool May breeze drifting through the air. This is it. I am not backing down. I want to die. I want to jump.

I grabbed the rail of the bridge and swayed forwards and backwards for a moment breathing in and out deeply. I heard crumpling of the grass to my left but it was probably a bird. I stepped up one rail. Then another. And then I stepped on the top of the bridge, holding on to the vertical bar. I was right. I feel peaceful. Serene. I close my eyes and breath for a moment. The crumpling of the grass got faster and much closer. I paid no attention. 

Here my Hell ends and my Heaven begins.

And I let go. 




But I don't fall. 










A/N Sorry for the boring start but hope you enjoyed it :) xx


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