No One to Save Me

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, would it make a sound?

If I die and no one is around to save me, would anyone care?

(One Direction/Zayn Malik story)


4. Graduation and Shopping

3. Graduation and Shopping



(A/N I made it so she graduates the next day because more school would be too boring)






I turned in bed for a moment and then remembered where I was and what had happened. I opened my eyes to find a tattooed chest infront of me. Zayn really did have a lot of tattoos. I like tattoos but I never had enough money. There were a lot of things that I liked that I couldn't afford.

"Zayn..." I said pushing on his nose. "Wake up...I have to pee."

He didn't move except a huge smile formed on his face and he loosened his arms. I started to get up but Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back down.

"Do you want me to pee on you?" I asked.

"No thank you." he said as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

I made my way to the loo and did what I had to do. I unbraided my long wavy hair and hung it over one shoulder. I really did have long hair. It went all the way down, below my naval.

I walked out where Zayn was standing, waiting for me.

"Don't you have school today?" he asked.

"No I have graduation though. But that's not until later tonight." I replied.

"Am I invited?"

"Of course!" I said.

We both showered and got dressed.





I got dressed into a jacket, a t shirt, and some jeans.

Delilah stepped out dressed in the same clothes from yesterday. She still looked beautiful, even in dirty clothes. That reminded me that she had nothing to wear to her graduation. I'll try to get her to let me take her shopping.

"What time is it?" Delilah said.

"8:34. Do you want to grab something to eat?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." she replied.

I figured that we could walked to the Starbucks down the street, that I saw yesterday. I grabbed my mobile from the end table and walked towards the door. As soon as we opened it, we were greeted by Niall who was just about to knock.

"Zayn, we wer-" Niall became silent when he saw Delilah.

Delilah stood up on her tip toes and whispered, "Who's that?", into my ear. 

"Delilah this is Niall. He's in the band too. Niall this is Delilah." I said.

Delilah stuck her hand out and said, "Hi! Nice to meet you!"

They shook hands and Niall blushed like crazy.

"Well, Zayn, we were wondering what you wanted to do today." Niall asked.

"Delilah and I were just going to get breakfast." I said.

"Can I come?" he pleaded.

"Sure! Let's o see if anyone else wants to come." Delilah said.






We walked down the hall to find three other boys standing there.

"Zayn who's this?" a deep voice asked.

"This is Delilah." Zayn answered.

One of them came up to me, shook my hand, and said, "I'm Louis, the Tommo, Tomlinson." I smiled back.

An then another did the same and said, "Hi! I'm Liam. Liam Payne."

And then the deep voiced one said, "And I am the one and only, Harry Styles."

"We were just going to grab breakfast. Care to join?" I asked.

"Sure! Delilah, if you don't mind me asking, are you-" Louis started.

"Blind?" I finished. "Yes I am. Well, mostly. I can see a little."

"Let's go! I'm STARVED!" Niall interrupted. 

We all walked out side and down the pavement to a Starbucks. We all sat and ate and talked. We really got to know each other and I learned a considerable amount about each one. They seemed like really cool people. 

As we were finishing, we started suggesting things to do next.

"We can go to a shopping centre in Bradford." Zayn said

Everyone agreed and we headed back to the hotel to borrow Paul's car. We walked up to a very large red Corvette convertible. We all piled in. Louis was driving, I sat on Zayn's lap in the passenger seat, and the other three squeezed in the back

We blared music and stood up letting the wind brush over our skin. It was a scene taken out of a movie. It was just a feel good moment. We finally got to the shopping centre (mall) 30 minutes later and filed out. Niall, Liam, and Harry went together and Louis came with me and Zayn. I really didn't want Zayn to buy me anything because I would feel really bad about it.

"Zayn, you really don't have to buy me anything!" I whined as we walked into the cool, air conditioned store.

"I want to! I have way to much money to keep it all for myself!" he said.

I shrugged and gave in but I wasn't happy about it. 

We shopped. And shopped. AND SHOPPED. We bought so much stuff that I couldn't even remember half of it. Louis and Zayn got a lot of stuff but Zayn but me SO MUCH STUFF. I can tell what the clothes look like by touching them and I could just ask Zayn and Lou about the colors and stuff. 

(A/N sorry it's blurry but visit my Polyvore to see it better @katieplourde)


I felt really bad about Zayn buying me all of these things but he made me get them. We all met back up and left to go get ready for my graduation. It was 3:45 and the ceremony was at 5:00.

We squeezed back into the car and then back out again when we got to the hotel. Everyone got ready in Zayn's room and I got the bathroom. Tehehe.

I did my makeup and hair while someone in the bedroom was blaring Spice Girls and Madonna. 

"Tell me what you want, what you really really want!" the boys yelled. Even I did. Hey, it's a good song.

I got dressed and realized that all of my clothes were size extra small and 00. I'm a little duck. :)

I put my jewelry and shoes on and walked out.

Louis coordinated my outfit, so I trusted that he made me look good. I felt really pretty but obviously I would never know. 

"Well?" I said, shrugging.

I heard 5 exaggerated gasps. Odd.

"You like beautiful." Zayn said. Everyone else said 'yeah'. I felt blood rush to my cheeks and Zayn's arm around my waist.

"What are you guys wearing?!" I said, excited.

"Suits." Liam said.

"Awweee. Let's go, yeah?" I said.

"Yep!" Harry spoke. We all filed out and into the elevator, including Paul. We went a different car though. It was really big and I think it was black.

We blasted music with the majority ruling. Sorry, Paul. 

It took us up 15 minutes to get to my school. The parking lot already had a bunch of cars in it. My school was really small, so we didn't wear cap and gowns or anything. Everyone just dressed really fancy. The ceremony was always short too.

I looked for Ashton but I couldn't find him so we all just sat down. It was outside so there were just chairs sitting in the grass and I think a stage infront. I had asked Zayn earlier, if he could help me up to the stage to get my diploma. He easily agreed. Name after name.

"Delilah Rosette." The principal said. 

Zayn and I stood up and started walking towards the stage. I heard a lot of gasps and confused whispers. Maybe it's because I was walking to get my diploma with a world famous pop star. Eh, beats me. Ahaha.

We walked up with my arm in his like I was walking towards the alter. I wondered if I would get married someday.

I shook hands with my teachers and went back and sat down. I felt people staring and I heard more gasps but i really didn't mind I I knew that the boys didn't either. 

The ceremony concluded with a "Congratulations to the class of 2013." Most kids probably walked off to take pictures but all of us walked back to the car. 

"Delilah!" someone screamed. I knew that voice all too well. It was Richard. 

"Delilah is that your-"

"That's my dad. Zayn we need to leave RIGHT NOW." I said. We walked faster towards the car. But someone grabbed my wrist abruptly. I knew by the roughness and violence that it was Richard. 

"Your coming home now!" he yelled. He was drunk, as always, and i could smell the liquor pouring out of his mouth. He tightened his grip making me wince. I was pulled away from Zayn and Richard smacked me across the face so hard, it stunned me for a few moments. I heard a big smash, followed by two more and then a big thud on the ground. I could tell that it was Zayn that picked me up because of the way he handles me. He treats me like I'm a prized glass ornament threatening to fall. He's gentle, yet protective. I found it interesting how we barely knew each other, and Zayn was SO protective of me. 

"Delilah, are you okay?" Zayn said with concern. 

"Yeah I'll be fine. Can we leave now?" I said.

"Yeah, we can leave." he said, softly.

We went into the car and I fell asleep in Zayn's arms. That hit made me kind of dizzy. 






How could someone do that to Delilah!?! I swear, I would have killed him if I had the chance. I am never letting the horrible excuse for a man go near Delilah EVER AGAIN. I'm never letting him treat her like that again. He isn't worthy to live. I have never been so mad in my entire life. 

I traced my fingers around the bruises on Delilah's face and arm that were starting to form. How could someone become so horrible to hurt Delilah. MY Delilah. I would rather die than see her get hurt. Physically or emotionally. I don't know how she survived four years of that. And I know from what Delilah has told me that it was a lot worse than that little encounter. She told me that Richard locked her in a box for days to torture her. She also told me that he once threw a drinking glass at her face and she had a giant piece of glass sticking out of her cheek. Just thinking about this horrid creature hurting her mad me disgusted and furious.

Delilah's light breathing and heart beating calmed me down. I could feel her heart beat through her clothes.

"Zayn, who was the guy?" Harry asked.

"Delilah's..-father." I said with disgust.

"Is that why she's staying with you?" Niall asked.

"That's only one of the reasons." I spoke, sternly.

"One?" they all said, including Paul.

I told them all of the stuff that Delilah told me. They said how she didn't deserve that. And how she should have a better life. And that people like her shouldn't have lives like that. EXACTLY what I have been saying.

We pulled up to the hotel and I gently woke Delilah.






We walked into the lobby and I took my heels off because I was still a little unbalanced. My cheek was throbbing and my arm stung pretty bad. I have been through a lot worse than that though.

We got to our room and we both plopped down on the bed. 

"I'm gonna take a shower." I said. I got up from the bed and headed towards the bathroom. I turned the water on, stripped, and undid my hair. I stepped in and let the hot water run down my back. I breathed in the steam which made my throat feel soothed. I let myself think about what had happened before. What were all of the smashs and the thuds?

I felt around for Zayn's shampoo and easily found it. I washed my hair and my body and stepped out. I tried off with a hotel towel and got dressed into something comfy. I put on a pair of yoga shorts and a light, loose gray hoodie. I let my damp hair hang loose.

I stepped out of the bathroom and looked at Zayn, who was watching the telly.

"Did you hit him?" I asked.


"Did you hit him?" I repeated, clearer.

"Yes. I punched him straight in the face. He got knocked out." Zayn replied. So that was the thud.

"Thank you." I said. Zayn walked over and stood very closely to me.

"I won't let anyone ever hurt you again." he said, strongly.

"I know." I said.

He pressed his fore head against mine and I pressed back. I wrapped my arms above his head and he slid his hands down my back. This close, I could actually look into his eyes.

"Thank you for saving my life, Zayn."

He leaned forward, as did I. Without hesitation, our lips met. His lips touching mine. My lips touching his. His body against mine. My body against his. Our lips smashed together. This was the best moment of me life. I loved this boy with all of my heart and I will forever. And I know that he does too.

As our lips separated, I smiled like a madwoman. We looked at each other again. I love him.

Zayn threw me on the bed playfully and plopped down on the other side. Zayn pulled me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his buff torso. He pulled me very close with one hand at the small of my back and the other playing with my damp hair.

Zayn kissed my lips gently and said, "I will protect until the day I die."

We both shut our eyes with our bodies intertwined. 

I finally found someone that I love. 

And I know that he loves me. 





----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N Even though I had to write it twice, I loved writing this. I hope you enjoyed it!!!! xx :)

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