No One to Save Me

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, would it make a sound?

If I die and no one is around to save me, would anyone care?

(One Direction/Zayn Malik story)


5. Concert and Tattoos

4. Concert and Tattoos




I open my eyes to Delilah's beautiful face. Her eyes were shut and her lips were slightly open. Her head was lying on my chest, with her knee bent up to her stomach. One hand was on my chest and the other near her face. I didn't want to wake her but it felt sort of awkward, just staring at her.

"Del...wakey wakey." I whispered. She stirred a little and hugged me tighter.

"No." she said.

"Yes." I said.

"No." she said.

"Yes." I said.

"Evuvueseiucv ywivhi." She mumbled.

I rolled my eyes and leaned down. I kissed her lips so lightly that they barely touched.

"Your such a tease." she said throwing her pillow at me.

We both sat up, shoving and pushing each other.

Delilah hit me in the head with a pillow and then rolled on the floor laughing. I joined her. We stayed laughing for about 5 minutes until there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened it, to find Louis.

"Everyone says that we should have a movie day and just stay here until the concert." Louis said. "In our room." he finished.

"That sounds great!" Delilah said, walking up behind me.

"Yeah, we'll get dressed and come right over." I said.

"Hurry up!" Louis said as he skipped back down the hallway. I shut the door and Delilah and I went to change clothes.






I grabbed a comfortable, yet fashionable outfit from my stuff and went to the bathroom to change. I fixed my makeup and hair as well. 

Zayn got dressed also and we walked down to Louis' room. The boys were all scattered around the telly, obviously waiting for us. 

Zayn and I sat on the bed as the boys turned some action movie on. Obviously, I didn't 'watch' the movie but I listened to it and I listened to the boys talking. 

About half way through, Liam said, "Those guys are covered in tattoos!"

He was probably talking about the thugs in the movie.

"So are you guys!" I yelled.

"How would you know?" Harry asked.

"Zayn told me." I said.

"I don't have any tattoos. I want one really bad though." Niall said.

"So do I. I never had the chance to get any."

"That's it! We are all going and getting tattoos!" Louis said.

"Wait, what?" I said.

"It's a good idea. We should all go and get tattoos. The guy who did my first one is in Bradford. It's probably about 20 minutes away." Zayn said.

"Are you guys serious?" I said.

"Yes." they all responded.

Harry switched the telly off and everyone stood up but I didn't move.

"C'mon! Let's go!" Zayn said tugging on my arm. He managed to pull me up. We all walked down stairs to the parking garage and got in the car. Zayn directed Louis on wear to go. The whole time, the boys talked about what tattoos they were going to get and asked Zayn on how much it would hurt in certain areas.  Just listened to the wind blow and rested my head on Zayn's shoulder.

When we finally got to the tattoo parlor, we found that the place was mostly empty, except for the paps that followed us. I didn't notice them until Liam said that they were there. We didn't have to make appointments because of the lack of customers, probably because it was on a Thursday, during business hours.

There was one guy with a really deep voice and another with a kind voice in the tattoo parlor. We all sat down and had them draw what we wanted. I had to trust Zayn on how it looked because I told the guy, who I found out was named Tonny, what I wanted but I couldn't see it very well. Zayn said that it would be perfect, so I trusted his eye.

All of the boys tattoos took only 30-40 minutes, except for Louis'. His took about an hour. Mine was the longest, so I went last. I laid down on the chair and Zayn sat beside me, holding my hand. Tonny said that it would hurt like hell so I sor of braced myself. I lifted my shirt so that it revealed the right side of my ribcage. The buzz of the tattoo needles made me cringe and I heard Harry squeak because he was getting his done at the moment. As the needle touched my skin, I winced and squeezed Zayn's hand, but I knew that it would be worth it.


Niall's Tattoo

Harry's Tattoo

Liam's Tattoo

Louis' Tattoo (If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense) (on inner forearm) 

Zayn's Tattoo

Delilah's Tattoo (A/N This is the exact tattoo I'm getting)



My tattoo took about an hour to do, maybe a little longer. It hurt like hell, but I pushed through. We all sat in the parlor while we got wrapped up and paid.

"What did you guys get?" I asked.

"I got an arrow on my ring finger." Zayn said.

"I got the word smile and a smilie face on the side of my fore finger." Liam said.

"I got a mustache on the side of my fore finger." Harry said.

"I got a trampoline and a little stick guy on my palm, so when I bend it it looks like the little dude is jumping." Niall said.

"That's so cool!" I said.

"And I got 'If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense' on my inner forearm." Louis said.

"They sound great! Let's go though. Don't you guys have dress rehearsal or something?" I said.

"Yeah, we have soundcheck. Right about..." Liam said looking at his phone. "Now."

We all shuffled out of the tattoo parlor and piled into the car. I was pretty tired so I let myself fall asleep in Zayn's lap.







I twirled a piece of Delilah's long, beautiful hair around my finger. The radio played softly in the car and the wind blew in through the open window. We had to go back to the hotel to get our stuff and everyone else before we drove to the arena. Delilah would probably want to change her clothes and I had to get my mobile that I forgot in the room. Ironically, Live While We're Young came on the radio and Liam turned it up. He made sure that it wasn't too loud that we woke up Delilah. We all sang and I gazed down at Delilah when I sang my part. I thought she was still sleeping but she smiled really big with her eyes still closed as I sang. I ran my thumb across her cheekbone looking down at her perfection. Everything about Delilah was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

"You guys kissed didn't you?" Harry said, snobbishly. Everybody looked at us, even Paul.

I blushed, which I don't do often and Delilah kicked Harry in the head, playfully. It surprises me what this girl does to me. I've never felt like this in my entire life..

"I'm Hungry!!!!" Niall complained.

"Niall you're ALWAYS hungry." Paul says.

"I want food!" Niall whined loudly.

"There's food at the arena. You'll have to starve until we get there." Paul said.

Niall pouted and we all giggled. We drove to the hotel and rushed around so we wouldn't be late.





We all ran up to the hotel rooms and did what we all had to do very fast so we wouldn't be late. I decided to get dressed in something nicer for the concert. 

I was really excited for the concert because besides the boys singing in the car and such, I've never heard them seriously sing,except for Zayn. I stepped out of the bathroom and smoothed my skirt.

"You look stunning." Zayn said. I heard him walk over and he placed his hands on my waist, where my shirt met my skirt. Zayn pulled me close to his chest. He pecked me n the cheek, being a gentlemen. I shook my head.

"You missed." I said. I placed my hand at the back of his neck and stood on my tip toes to smash my lips into his. It was amazing what this boy could do to me. He was so dreamy he basically made me float right up on my tip toes. ( A/N remember that part :D )

We separated and ran out of the door to meet everyone else in the car.

"You look really nice, Del." Niall said.

"Thanks Nialler!" I said back.

By the time we got to the venue, there were screaming girls EVERYWHERE. We had to go through a back entrance. It was CRAZY. There must have been thousands and thousands of girls there screaming!

We finally got back stage and the boys had to run on and do sound check so I kind of chilled out backstage and met a bunch of the other people who help with the tour. I met there drummer, Josh, their stylist, Lou, all of there band and all of there management. They were all really accepting to the fact that I was blind I noticed that Niall didn't have time to grab food so he was whining the entire time.

I walked around for a while, just exploring. No one really minded and just worked along. I got bored so I went and sat in there dressing room. I barely made out the shape of a guitar in the corner of the room. I carefully walked over and grabbed it, then sat on the couch. I could here the boys going over Little Things extremely clearly in the dressing room. I was REALLY bored so I decided to try to play it. The funny thing is I can play, pretty much anything I hear, flawlessly. I haven't played guitar for the longest time because my mum was the one who taught me everything  I know, musically. She was a prime musician when she was in her twenties. I used to think that it was the coolest thing in the world when I was a little kid. 

I played the song a few seconds behind the actually music and was a pretty memorable song. It was pretty much the same thing throughout, so when the music ended I decided to play it again and sing the words that I had learned from Zayn. Zayn sang Little Things in the shower and I picked up all of the words.

I started playing but instead of singing the normal notes I sang a harmony in my falsetto, and I will admit, my falsetto is pretty impressive. (A/N for the readers who don't know what a falsetto is, it is basically singing in your highest register. It just means that you sing the same notes but higher up the scale. I hope that it helped. If not you can just google it. :D)

Right after the second chorus, I thought that I heard the door open but I didn't pay any attention to it. After I finished, what I believe was Niall's solo, I heard a gasp.

"That is amazing! You have to do that in the concert!" Niall said.

"Wait, what? No, I was just messing around." I said.

"Delilah, that was the most amazing thing I have ever heard!" he said sitting next to me on the couch. "I didn't even know that something that spectacular was even humanly possible!" (A/N Sorry, but when you imagine Delilah's voice, just thing of the most perfect voice in the world. Better than Adele, Mariah Carey, all of them! She really is amazing!)


"Sing it with me."Niall said urgently.

"What?" I said.

"Sing my part with me, but sing it like you were before." Niall said. I looked at him, doubtfully.

"Oh come on Delilah! Please?" Niall said, with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine!" I gave in.

Niall started and I joined in.


"You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you

And you'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to.
If I let you know I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh."

"You have to do it!" Niall exclaimed. "All of us can sing our parts and then you can do the harmonies along with them."

"Would your management even let you do that?" I asked.

"I think if all of the lads begged that they would let us! But they have to hear you too! Does Zayn even know that you can do that?" Niall asked.

"No, but if it's what you really want, I guess I'll do it." I said.

"YAY!" Niall screamed while giving me a bone crushing. 

"Let me go get the lads." Niall said.

A few minutes later Niall came back with all of the lads and his guitar.

"Okay Niall what is it?" Harry said impatiently. 

"Yeah what do you have to show us?" Louis said.

"What's so important?" Zayn asked.

"Delilah. Delilah is what I have to show you." Niall said softly.

"What do you mean?" Liam asked.

"Zayn you haven't ever heard Delilah sing before, right?" Niall asked as he sat down next to me on the couch with his guitar on his lap.

"No..." Zayn said, confused.

"Alright, lads, just sing Little Things normally. But listen." He said.

"Okay..." They all, awkwardly said

"Del, play with me." Niall said. I nodded back.

"You play guitar?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah..." I said, guiltily. 

Niall and I played the guitar and I sung my self-invented harmony while the boys sang. Zayn gasped incredibly at after his solo. All of the boys did. I never really thought that I was any good. I guess I'm alright.

At the end of the song, nobody said anything, but I felt five pairs of eyes staring at me.

"Well?" I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"I don't even know what to say in response to that." Liam spoke up.

"You've got the best voice that I've ever heard." Louis said. He sounded astonished. 

"Why didn't you tell me that you could do that? That was so perfect." Zayn asked me.

"I don't know, I didn't think I was any good." I murmured, nervously.

"You didn't think you were any good! That was bloody fantastic! You sang it better than we do!" Harry yelled.

"Seriously?" I said.

"Yes!" They all yelled.

"And she should do it when we preform tonight, right?" Niall said.

"Definitely!" they yelled again.

"We have to go convince everyone to let us do it!" Zayn yelled.

"Well let's go!" Louis said.

We ran up to everyone and asked them. And everyone said yes with a little convincing! Except for Jackie, their stage manager. She needed a little more convincing.

"Jackie! Come on just trust us!" the boys said.

"The last time I trusted you, you brought a squirrel back." she said.

"But it was so cute and fluffy!" Niall said. I think one of the other boys punched him in the arm. I giggled, but quietly so nobody heard.

"Please! It's only one song!" Zayn said.

They stayed quiet for a while and then Jackie let out a big 'ugh!'.

"Fine, fine, fine. JUST THIS ONE TIME." She said sternly.

"Thank you!!!" We all yelled as we ran to the stage to practice the song a couple more times.

When we were rehearsing the song, all of the noise from everyone working was gone. Just our voices and Niall and I playing guitar. I think that they were all listening to us. To ME. I was pretty overwhelmed. We practiced up until they had to let people into the arena. All of the boys had to get ready and apparently Lou had gotten a call about me preforming, so she brought me something to wear and did my hair and make up also. I squinted in the mirror at my out fit. From what I heard, I looked pretty awesome.

(A/N sorry for the bad quality visit my Polyvore to see better images! @katieplourde)


I really liked the hat. When we all finished, the boys, immediately had to go on stage. Poor Niall still hadn't gotten to eat. I didn't go on until near the end of the show before the twitter questions that the boys told me about. All of our tattoos were still wrapped up so the boys looked a little funny but they pulled it off. Mine still stung but it wasn't unbearable. 

I stood on the side stage so that I could see the boys clearly. Zayn kept looking at me as he sang and even when he wasn't singing. He really did have an amazing voice. (Amazayn!) All of the boys. And when they all sang together it was even more breathtaking. I watched song after song and I really found Teenage Dirtbag awesome. All of the boys really seemed to love performing. 

I was trembling when it came close to my appearance on stage. 

"Calm down, hun. If you're half as good as the boys said, you'll be fine!" Lou said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Thanks, Lou." I said, breathing in and out. When the music ended, Zayn started to talk.

"How's it going, Bradford!?" Zayn yelled into the microphone. All of the fans screamed really loud.

"We've got a special surprise for you all tonight!" Zayn said. "Our very good friend Delilah, has agreed to come up here on stage with us and sing some harmony for Little Things! How does that sound?" he yelled.

The fans screamed really loud and Zayn said. "Delilah's can't see very well so I need everyone TO SCREAM!!" Zayn yelled.

Louis came to the side stage and grabbed my arm. 

"Relax, you'll be fine." Louis said, reassuringly. I slung the guitar around my back and we walked out on to stage. I felt like I was going to vomit. The fans screamed really, really loud. From what I could tell, there were six high stools and six microphones in front of them. I sat between Zayn and Niall. Zayn placed a hand on my knee to make me feel better. I nodded and half smiled. 

"Who's ready for Little Things?" Niall said. "Alright, here we go."

"One, two, three..." Niall whispered to me. We started to play and the fans started to become quieter. Not silent, but quiet.

It was really beautiful moment. Extremely picturesque, even though I couldn't see it. The song sounded much better than it did before. It was amazing and I felt that the boys did too. I was still trembling but it was from excitement now, not fear. (A/N listen to the song while reading it.)

As the song ended, the fans screamed even louder than before. It was really cool and kind of gave me a rush.

"Give it up for Delilah!" Harry yelled. Screaming and more screaming. 

"Alright on to our twitter questions!" Liam said. 

"Who wants Delilah to stay up here!?" Zayn yelled. The fans screamed really loud so I guessed that I was staying.

"The first question is..." Louis said.

"Is it true that you all got tattoos today? From @Leah_loves_1D." Harry said. "Zayn?"

"Yeah we all got tattoos today, Delilah did too!" Zayn said.

"Will you all sing a bit of your favorite songs?Delilah, too. Smiley face. From @JillianHarrisonxx." Niall said.

All of the boys sang their favorite songs and I sang a little bit of Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, which the crowd went wild for. I played guitar along with it also. It felt good to play guitar again.

We answered a few more questions and then that was the end of the concert. The boys sang What Makes you Beautiful and then we all walked off.






 As soon is we got off stage I picked Delilah up, by the waist.

"That was amazing. " I said, "Your amazing." 

I leaned in and kissed her beautiful lips. Delilah smiled into the kiss which I found adorable. I set Delilah down on her feet and pressed  my forehead into hers, still holding on to her waist. 

"Get a room!" Harry yelled.

"You always have to ruin the moment!" Delilah yelled back. We separated and Delilah ran her hand down my arm and laced it with mine. We all walked back to the dressing room to get dressed back into the clothes that we came in, obviously Delilah used the bathroom to change. 

Delilah went to go give her clothes back to Lou but she said that Delilah could keep them because she was the only one her small enough for them. I found it so cute that she was so small. It made me feel even more protective over her. I loved it.

We all got back to the hotel pretty late because we had to stop and get Niall food. We were all exhausted so everyone went right to bed. I carried Delilah to our room because she had fallen asleep in the car along with Harry, Liam, and Louis. I set Delilah down on her feet when she woke up as we entered our room.






"Can we go to bed now?" I said, annoyingly.

"Yes." Zayn laughed.

I grabbed some comfortable clothes and went into the bathroom to undo my hair and take my makeup off. 

As I walked out to the bed, Zayn stopped me. He ran his hands down my sides.

"Is there anything else I don't know about you?" he said, cheekily. 

"Well, I also play piano, I used to be really good at drawing, i love tattoos, I have a slight obsession of coffee, and I have hopelessly fallen for the boy who saved my life. Is there anything I don't know about you?" I smiled. 

"Well, a few days ago, I met this amazing girl. And she's absolutely perfect and she has the best voice that I have ever heard. And she is the best thing that has ever happened to me." He said. 

I attempted to look into Zayn's eyes and he pulled me close to him. Zayn lifted me up and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I don't think that there could have been a more perfect hug. Ever. 

It was a real hug. A hug with so much meaning between two people. I loved this boy so much and I would never let him go.

Zayn laid down on the bed and I pretty much fell asleep on his stomach because I was so tired from the day. (See picture at beginning) Zayn ran his hands through my hair as we kissed one more time before we both fell asleep.

I actually found someone who loves me.





--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N sorry that I haven't updated forever so I made a long chapter to make up for it! Hope you enjoyed!!! xx :) ~katierozzelynd~

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