You're Hired

“What do you think will happen when the contract ends?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders as a respond.

“It’s up to you, what do you feel?”” he replied.

“About?” I asked him.

“About us.” he responded.


10. Chapter Ten

“I cannot believe you’re moving in with your boyfriend,” my mum said for what seemed like the millionth time. I kept a smile on even if I so badly was irritated by my mum. “You’re such a grown woman now."

I grunted. “It’s only for a couple of months, mum.” I zipped my bag and stood up straight. Tears formed at my mum’s eyes as she ran to me and hugged me.

“I’m gonna miss my baby,” she said in between sobs. I patted her back.

“It’s alight mum.” I said. “I’ll be back before you know it."

A honk of a car made me pull away from the hug and I quickly knew that Harry has arrived. He’s here already. I got my bags, my mum helped me, and together we brought it down. My dad was talking with Harry and they were laughing. I smiled. Maybe Harry can be a good boyfriend, only if he was really mine.

I shook the thought away, and faked a cough. Both men turned to look at me, Harry quickly flashing me a huge grin.

“Ready?” he asked. 

I nodded my head. “Yeah.” He walked over to me and got my bags. I hugged my dad and my mum before walking out of the house and into Harry’s car.

“I promise to take care of Jemima!” Harry yelled to my parents while waving to them, before entering the driver’s seat. And then we drove off.

The ride in the car was awkward. We didn’t talk at all. Not that it mattered, it’s just that it made me feel very uncomfortable.

“So..” Harry said, trying to make things less awkward. He bit his lip while trying to figure out what to say.

“Sooo,” I began. “What do you plan on doing when we get to your house?"

“Well, I can help you fix your things,” he suggested.

“Yeah that’d be nice,” I said, smiling at the thought of it.

“Umm, hey do you wanna have dinner tomorrow?” he asked.

“Don’t we always eat dinner?” I joked.

“Yeah, but I want to take you out,” he said bluntly. 

“So what?” I asked. “Is it like a compromised dinner? Cause I don’t remember Camille telling me anything about a dinner.” I said playfully.

He chuckled. “Well maybe she’s scared of what you’re going to say or react."

“I reckon she is."

“Anyways.. no. I just want to take you out for dinner."

“Aren’t you cheeky?” I teased him.

“I am very cheeky, milady.” he responded obviously playing along. I laughed at his answer and soon we were both laughing. “And I am a very romantic person.” he added as an afterthought.

“I’m sure you are,” I chuckled. “Hey, do -umm- all the girls you meet fall in love with you?"

“Why?” he asked.

“Just wondering,” I said, turning to face the window. “Cause it seems like every girl you meet falls for you."

“So, technically, you’re falling for me since you’re one of the girls I’ve met,” he teased. I felt myself choke at his words, and I tried to stop myself from coughing but I couldn’t.

“WHAT!?” I turned to look at him and he was laughing. He must have found my expression hilarious but I didn't. 

“Chill,” he said.

“I’m sorry for asking,” I mumbled.

“Don’t be,” he said. “Or I wouldn’t have seen that expression of yours."

I shot him a death glare which he completely ignored. I crossed my arms across my chest and listened to the radio the whole ride.

* * *

“Hey, I’ll help,” Harry volunteered, getting the box from my grip.

“Thanks,” I said. I handed him the box as I picked up another one. 

“Here’s your room, and that’s your closet,” he said, opening the closet. The closet was huge. It was bigger than my bathroom at home. It was every girl’s dream closet. 

“Umm, thanks,” I said awkwardly. I got out some of my clothes and started putting them inside the closet. Six months was quite a long time, so why not try to be comfortable?

“What’s this?” Harry asked, making me turn to face him. He was holding my makeup kit.

“That’s my makeup,” I said in a matter-of-fact tone. I got it from him and placed it in the vanity table.

“Why do you need it?” he asked. Is he kidding me? Like seriously? Why wouldn’t I wear makeup?! Every girl that’s my age that I knew wore makeup… It was like one way of covering up our imperfections or blemishes in our skin.

“Harry, I’m your ‘girlfriend’,” I stated while putting air quote marks on the word girlfriend. “So I have to look pretty and sorta perfect.” I explained while I hanged one of my dresses inside the closet.

“But you’re pretty without it,” he said. 

“No,” I said quickly. “I am not. And don’t you dare give me those cheesy side remarks about how pretty I am cause I won’t believe you."

“If only you saw what I could see, you’d understand why I want you so desperately,” he sang quietly but it was loud enough for me to hear. I turned to look at him and he flashed me his famous grin. “What? You said not to give you any cheesy side remarks. So I’m singing to you."

“Whatever,” I said as I playfully rolled my eyes at him.  We continued fixing my stuffs until Harry faked out a cough. I turned to look at him and he was smirking at me.

“So where do I put these?” he asked, taking out whatever it was in the box he was holding. When he got it out, I felt myself blush. He was holding out my bra.

“How about I do this,” I said, getting the box out of his hand. “And you can finish that box."

“Fine,” he puffed.

We finished fixing my stuffs after an hour and we were both really exhausted. I felt sad for Harry though. He didn't really have to help me. I mean, come on! I am not really his girlfriend, and we aren't really exactly close friends.

“Hey wanna watch a movie after?” Harry asked me as he finished washing his hands.

"Sure," I said. "I'll go make the popcorn."


I walked into the kitchen and made the popcorn. After awhile, when I was finished I walked into the living room. Harry was sitting on the couch and his eyes were onto the movie that was playing. I took a seat beside him and handed him the popcorn. The movie didn't seem so interesting since I was really tired and there were too many thoughts circling my head.

Slowly... I found myself drifting to sleep.


Author's Note: I am so sorry for not updating for so long. School has started and I need to take things seriously since this will affect my college applications. So yeah.. please bear with me..

Anyways! It seems like Jemima is a sleepy head.. Hahaha.

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