You're Hired

“What do you think will happen when the contract ends?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders as a respond.

“It’s up to you, what do you feel?”” he replied.

“About?” I asked him.

“About us.” he responded.


7. Chapter Seven

It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen Harry. Technically, I fell asleep and we ended up sleeping in the same bed. I shivered at the thought and shut my eyes. The morning, was really awkward. I would not talk about it.

“Darling,” my mum said as she barged into my room. “Your boyfriend is here to see you."

My eyes widened. My what? He's here? What in the world is Harry doing here? I pushed past my mum and ran downstairs to see him talking with my dad. Ugh! For god’s sake, he’s not even really my boyfriend.

My dad was laughing at what Harry said and it made me smile. I’m glad my dad likes him. I never brought any boy home since my parents were quite strict but I guess Harry’s fine with them.

“Jem,” my dad said, finally noticing my presence. 

“Dad,” I said then I turned to look at Harry. “Harry."

“Aww, my girlfriend’s not happy to see me,” Harry teased before getting up to walk over to me. He kissed me softly when he reached me and he quickly placed his arm around my waist. I expected my dad to be mad at what Harry just did, but he seemed quite fine with seeing his daughter kissing her ‘boyfriend’.

“Young love,” my dad sighed with a smile. “I’ll leave you two alone.” With that he walked away from the living room. When he was out of sight, I smacked Harry in the head.

“Ouch!” he said. “What was that for?"

“For not telling me you would come over!” I yelled. “You should have told me!”

“Camille said it was better to make it a surprise,” he said. Camille? Ugh! She just has to plan out everything! Wow, I’m becoming quite sarcastic.

Wait… but we’re inside the house. Why did Harry have to kiss me? There are no paps. I wanted to ask him, but I just left it alone… for now.

“Anyways, I’m leaving for tour.” he explained.

“When?” I asked.

“Next week,” he said. “And I’m going to be gone for four months."

“WHAT?!” I shrieked. 

“Four months,” he repeated. 

“Oh so, I’m like free?” I said. “While you’re gone?"

His happy expression quickly died down and he kind of snapped. He looked at me with some kind of expression that kind of scared me. “You must never cheat on your boyfriend. That’s rule number one."

I rolled my eyes at him. “I know. I know. And I wasn’t planning on cheating over you.” I said. “I was actually planning to hang out with my friends."

His expression softened. “Oh yeah. That’s alright. But you shouldn’t get caught with any boy while I’m gone."

“I won't,” I assured him.

“Oh yeah,” he said, suddenly remembering something. “Camille made you a twitter account and it’s called ‘Jemima_H’."

“Why would she do that?” I asked.

“So that we could communicate publicly while I’m on tour,” he said. He handed me a piece of paper and I looked at it in confusion. “It’s the password and username.” he explained.

“Thanks,” I said. “Anyways, I’ll go get changed and you can wait here."

He nodded his head and sat back down in the couch.

* * *

“Harry stop it!” I said as he kept making funny faces. My stomach was starting to ache from all the laughter. 

“Are you ticklish?” he asked me.

“No,” I admitted. I wasn’t lying. I really wasn't. I don’t know why, but it was something that I chose to get over as a kid.

“Really?” he said, quite not believing me.

“I mean it Harry, I’m not."

“Okay,” he said, dropping the subject. He moved closer to me and opened the picnic basket. He got out red velvet cupcakes and settled it in the picnic mat. 

“You made this?” I asked and he nodded his head. I got one and bit into it. “Oh my gosh! This is so good!” I bit more into the cupcake and Harry seemed quite amused. Before I knew it, I felt something on my face. I looked over to Harry and saw that he had thrown some icing on me. Oh it’s on!

I got one cupcake and threw it at him which resulted to his shirt getting dirty. He got up and so did I. Before I knew t, we were running all around the park trying to catch each other and throw cupcakes at one another. 

My hair was filled with icing in it and Harry somehow got his hair safe. I felt something on my back and I felt it. Damn. He hit me with a cupcake at the back. Not just the icing, a full cupcake. 

“You’re a dead man Styles!” I said. I ran after him and when I was close enough to him, he grabbed me by the waist and spun me around. I obviously screamed. When he put me down, I was facing him and our eyes met. I couldn’t help but realise how good-looking he actually was. He was so handsome. And I was nothing like him. I was just some plain girl who is being paid to date him. 

Harry leaned a little closer and his lips touched mine softly. I kissed back and our lips moved in sync. My hands moved up to his neck, and I don’t know why.. but I didn’t want this kiss to end. The paparazzi’s cameras flashed all around but it didn’t seem to matter. But I quickly reminded myself that I was being paid, and that I must not have feelings for him cause the contract would eventually end and it would just end up in a heartbreak. I pulled away first, removed my arms around his neck and shook my head.

I smiled at him. “Well, that was…” I paused, lost for words obviously.

“I liked it,” Harry admitted. Why did he have to be so frank?

I smiled at him. “I did too.” He smiled at me, before entwining our hands together. We walked back to our picnic area, completely ignoring all the cameras and questions that fired on our way.

* * *

So Harry left yesterday for his big tour. And well, I’m at home completely bored. I logged in to twitter and saw that I had already tweeted a couple of things. That’s impossible! I never even tweeted anything yet.. but then Camille.

I had a lot of followers and I was only following One Direction and the boys, and their girlfriends. Not to mention Little Mix. I sucked in my breath and shut my eyes before clicking onto my mentions. Then there it was.


People pointing out my flaws, calling me names and well hates. So far I haven’t seen any good comment and I felt myself going to break any moment.

I bit my lip. 

I’m not going to cry. I am NOT going to cry. Right now, I was hyperventilating. I couldn’t take all the hates. What do these people have against me? If they want Harry, they can have him after a year is over.

I came across some pictures of Harry and I kissing, and saw that that’s where most of the hates started.

‘She’s not even pretty."

“Harry can do so much better."

“She’s a slut! Trust me, she’s another bitch who’s an attention seeker."

“She’s only using Harry for the fucking fame!!!"

Okay…. so ALOT of the hate tweets got thousands of favourites and retweets. I sucked in some air before shutting my eyes closed. How could these people say stuffs about me that are so hurtful? I shut down my laptop and placed it in the nightstand. I never expected people to act like these? Especially towards me!

All my life.. I’ve tried my very best to make people like me. And now… there’s this. Great. Now I know a lot of people actually hate me.


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