You're Hired

“What do you think will happen when the contract ends?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders as a respond.

“It’s up to you, what do you feel?”” he replied.

“About?” I asked him.

“About us.” he responded.


1. Chapter One

Jemima's POV

"Stop that!" I grunted. Ellise was jumping up and down over and over again and looking at her was making me dizzy. "I feel like puking." I added as an afterthought. 

"That's cause you're not jumping too!" she retorted.

"Why are you even so happy?" I asked.

"Did you not hear a single thing I said?" she asked me, as she stopped jumping. Thank God! Finally she stopped jumping. I shook my head as a reply to her answer and she sighed. "One Direction is going to come here to our town"

"O-M-G!" I exclaimed as my eyes widened as I said each letter. "I'm not interested." I said, making my eyes look bored again and back to normal. It is true. I wasn't one of those paranoid girls who would freak out when they saw One Direction. I wouldn't label myself as a directioner or a directionator. I don't even really like them. But I don't hate them either.

"Jemima!" she wailed. "How could you? They're PERFECT!"

"Ugh correction," I said raising my pointer finger to add emphasis. "Nobody is perfect."

"But they are!" she insisted. I chuckled at her and opened my mouth to say something before I heard the honk of a car. We both turned our attention to it and saw a big black limousine. OH MY GOD! I turned to look at Ellise and she had the same expression written all over her face. A chauffeur opened one of the doors and one by one a guy came out. Soon enough, there were five guys standing outside the car.

My jaw dropped.

It was One Direction.

The guys walked towards our direction and I felt petrified. I am NOT freaking out I’m simply just aghast by their appearance. Why are they here now? Ellise said they were coming here tomorrow.

I felt Ellise's hand on my arm, shaking me violently. I felt my heart seem to stop beating as they neared. Ellise shook me one more time and I snapped out of my trance.

I turned to look at her. “What?"

“You’re fangirling,” she pointed out.

“I am not!” I said.

“Yes you are!"

“I’m not!” I half-yelled. “I’m just trying to accept their appearance by being completely aghast."

“Wow. Smart talk.” she said sarcastically.

“I hate you.” I murmured in defeat. Why are they in this park? Surely they’re supposed to be in a big stadium or something. “Whatever.” I said to no one in particular. I wonder why in the world are they here now? I thought they have a concert or something.

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