You're Hired

“What do you think will happen when the contract ends?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders as a respond.

“It’s up to you, what do you feel?”” he replied.

“About?” I asked him.

“About us.” he responded.


15. Chapter Fifteen

Jemima's POV

I fidled with the duvet and stared at it. My throat was feeling so dry, and when I attempt to speak my voice would come out sore.


"Harry," I said, my voice coming out really harsh. Harry turned to me with a look of worry.


You probably might be wondering wh my voice is so harsh. Well, after watching some movies Harry decided to give me chocolates to keep me awake while we talked. So now, my voice is so rough.


"You okay, love?" he asked, his eye filled with worry.


I nodded my head, clearly lying. "I just need water."


"Umm, okay."


He got up from his seat and headed out of the room. I sighed heavily and grabbed a pillow and placed it on my face. This is just awful. I can't even speak clearly.


It wasn't long till Harry came back with a glass of water in his hand and a medicine.


"Here," he said, handing me the glass and the tablet. "I hope it helps."


I gave him a grateful smile then chugged the water down my throat.


"My thorat is so sore," I complained.


"No shit," Harry said sarcastically. He got in bed with me and just sat there looking at me. "I hope you get better soon."


"Same here."


He moved closer to me so that our legs were touching and placed his arms around my waist. He rested his chin on my shoulder, making jolts of electricity spread across my body. I felt butterflies going crazy in my stomach as he rubbed his chin on my shoulder.


I turned to look at him with a warning look, which he completely ignored.


He started planting kisses all over my shoulder, slowly moving up. He nibbled with my earlobe, making me petrify on my spot. He slowly started kissing my neck, then started biting on it. I bit my lip to prevent anything from coming out, but when he bit my weak spot a moan escaped my lips.


I felt him smirk as he started distributing wet kisses on my neck. I tilted my head to the side giving him more access. He gently moved my hair away and kissed my neck, going higher and higher.


He then kissed my cheek and moved away.


HE is such a tease. Just watch out Styles, I will have my revenge.


I looked at him and shot a glare at his direction, making him chuckle. 


"Tease," I muttered, putting the duvet over me and laying down on the bed.


"Get well soon, Jemima." he said, before walking out of my room and shutting the door behind him.


I rolled my eyes and shut it.


My mind was constantly thinking of several and possible ways to get my revenge from him. He is such a tease. I swear Harry Styles, I am not going to let you get away with this.



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