Stuck in the book

Terra Lupin lived a..... Life. She was bullied at school, a orphan, and she was a bit... special. Not in that way, but she was weird and socially awkward. Her only escape from her horrid world was the Harry potter books, which she started reading since she was six, when the orphanage took a field trip to the library. It's been ten years since then, and nothing much else has changed except she sixteen, she practically lives in the library, she till re-reads the harry potter books, and she has a embarrassing secret: she has a stuffed animal name moony, after Remus in the books. But what happens to her when she meets someone, and her life is changed. Read to find out.


1. Goodbyes and hellos

"Goodbye my dear Artemis." Sarah Fawkes said to her one year old daughter. She looked into the baby's grey eyes, (which she inherited from her mother), and brushed her light blue hair out of her face(inherited from her dad). Sarah quickly put a protection spell on her amulet, in the shape of a knife and the moon, and put it on Artemis. As soon as the cold metal touched the soft tan skin, artemis's eyes turned electric dark blue, with electric light blue surrounding the middle. Her light blue hair started dying, until it turned completely black, except for one red highlight, which must have been the work of lord voldemorts spell reflecting off the necklace. "I love you artemis. I love you so much."she whispers, kissing the baby's forehead. She walked up to the red flames, which was created by voldemort, burning everyone in the little neighborhood alive. She stepped in the flames, joining her husband, to keep Artemis safe, because if either one of them were alive, Artemis would die. Goodbye goddess of the hunt and moon.


A few hours later, a old woman with grey hair picks up Artemis. "Oh my goodness! What are you doing all alone out here?" she says, and gasps as the baby opens her extraordanary eyes. "Oh dear, i'm too old too take care of a child dear, im sorry. Hmm, i know! I can leave you at the local orphanage, rosebud orphanage! Yes, thats what i'll do...... terra." the old woman says, naming the baby after someone amazing who just recently died. Little did the old woman know that her decision would make most of Terra's life a living hell. 

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