Fallen Angel

Kenzie's a seemingly normal teenage girl until one night when she's walking home from soccer practice, she's kidnapped but these aren't your normal kidnappers. There one direction and what she finds out about them could ruin them forever and what she finds out about herself could kill her. What happens if she breaks the rules she's forced to follow? What will they do to her? Will they let her go now that she knows? Will her life ever be the same?


7. sudden goodbyes

i awoke in my bed completely healed. how am i completely healed? that only happens when i'm wearing my necklace and even then it takes forever. i quickly ran over to the dresser and put on my necklace.  i then remember what happened. I must have been seeing things. my aunt couldn't really have been there... could she? my question was answered when she walked into the room. 

"Kenzie! are you ok?" she asked.

"I'm not sure... how are you here? how did you know i was here?"

"This is where Niall's father brought your mother after he attacked her at home so i figured this is where they brought you."

"What did he do to her?"

"i'm not sure but we have more important things to talk about right now. you've already broken 2 out of the 4 rules and you almost broken another one last night. i know that because you've already broken these rules, that i probably shouldn't be teaching you how to use your gift but if i don't teach you now then i don't know when i'll ever get too."

"what exactly does the gift consist of?"

"well, you can travel through time, dream walk, sedate people or make them pass out with just a touch, transport yourself and others to other places, you have telekinesis (moving objects with your mind), and heal people and yourself."

"that makes sense... i healed some girls arm by just touching it but why when the boys bit me did they get pushed back but the girl didn't?"

"At home i had special stuff in the water that prevented vampires to be able to drink your blood and it kept your gift under control but now that you havn't been able to drink the water you aren't able to control your gift and vampires are able to bite you. now listen to me...no one can know about this! especially not them! shall we begin?"

"of course they won't know and definitely!"

i got out of bed and threw my hair up into a pony tail. My aunt started by teaching my how to use telekinesis. It was rather easy and i got it down fairly quickly. Then, we started to work out transportation. i got the hang out that too. Healing i can already do so we didn't work on that. sedation, dream walking and time travel are kind of hard though. I finally got them down and was really proud of myself. We finally finished and my aunt went to go get some food from downstairs. i changed and was about to go down stairs when i saw a paper lying on my bed. It was from my aunt. She must have transported it up here or something.

i want you to try teleporting yourself to the kitchen. don't worry no ones in here. ~Aunty

i did and landing on my butt on the kitchen floor.

"nice job but maybe we should work on the landing a little bit," she laughed.

"that's probably i good idea," i agreed.

she made herself a grilled cheese and me a grilled ham bacon and cheese. I put some classic lays on my plate and grabbed a coke out of the fridge. strangely, this is starting to feel like home.

"don't start thinking that Kenzie," my aunt said.

"how'd you know what i was thinking?"

"i forgot to teach you how to read people's minds didn't i?"

"yep," i laughed.

She quickly taught me and we finished right before Louis, Harry and Niall came down. Niall ran over to me.

"Thank goodness you're ok Kenzie! i was so worried about you," he said.

I looked down not knowing what to say. i was still upset about what he did last night. Did he really think that i could forgive him that easily? He pretended to like me then he flirts with another girl right in front of me and now hes acting like he cares about me again. What's his problem?!?!?! I walked past him and back up to my room. i blinked away the tears forming in my eyes. i lied down on the bed and quickly fell asleep. 

~Late the next day~

when i awoke i heard laughter coming from downstairs but it didn't just sound like the boys and my aunt. there were others. how many i couldn't tell but there was a lot. i noticed a note on the side table. i picked it up but as soon as i saw who it was from i threw it away without even reading it. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I was a mess and if we had guests i definitely wouldn't want them to see me like this! i took my mirror and placed it at the bottom of the door and angled it up so i could see on the other side. I saw Louis and a girl that looked a lot like him. The were wearing dressy clothes that weren't too fancy so i put the mirror back and walked over to my closet and picked out a white skirt and a black lace top with my black wedges. i b rushed out my hair which is wavy so i left it like that and put a headband in. I put on some eye liner, blush and some mascara before walking out of the room. 

"Hey Lou," i said with a smile.

"Louis, who's this?" the girl asked.

"this is our friend Kenzie. she had an incident with her family so she's been staying with us," Louis replied.

"it's nice to meet you. i'm Lottie," she said with a smile shaking my hand.

"Lottie, please excuse us for a second. we'll meet you down at the party," Louis said, waiting for Lottie to leave before he grabbed my arm and dragged me into my room.

He shut and locked the door behind him. I sat on the bed.

"so why didn't anyone tell me we were having a party?" i asked.

"because we're trying to protect you. our parents are all vampires and our fathers are part of some secret group that will torture you and run a bunch of tests on you to find out what you are and if they do something wrong then they could kill you. We gave you some medicine that was supposed to make you sleep but obviously it didn't work. Please just stay up here and be quiet," he begged taking my hands.

"oh Lou," i said putting my hand on his cheek, "that's really sweet of you to try and protect me but obviously if you have me in the same house as them they're going to find me. it wouldn't be as obvious if i'm down there with everyone else as opposed to up here where if they find me they're going to wonder why i'm in a locked room. i'll take my chances," i replied before getting up and walking out of the room.

 walked down the stairs and to the party watching everyone's eyes turn and stare at me.


how could i be so stupid! I should have gotten her out of the house or given her another dose of the sleeping medicine. Now the parents are going to find out what she is and they're going to kill her. it's all my fault. why did i have to be so stupid?!?! i sat on the bed with my head in my hands and began to cry. I shouldn't have let her leave the room but it's too late to stop her she's already downstairs. if i don't help cover for her then she will never survive. i ran to the stairs and walked down right behind her.

"Hello everyone. we have an announcement to make. We were going to tell you later but she was so eager to get down her that we just couldn't wait. This is my girlfriend Kenzie!" i exclaimed trying to cover everything up. 

Kenzie played along really well because she looked up at my smiling and laced her hand with mine. 

"Louis William Tomlinson!" my mother screamed.

this is not going to be good. they've figured out what she is! i looked down at my feet not knowing what to say. it's all my fault. she's going to die and it's because of me. i was interrupted from my thoughts when my mother spoke again.

"why have you been hiding her for so long?!" she screamed running up to Kenzie and giving her a hug.

i looked at the boys who were not happy at all! i'm so going to get it later! everyone was talking and interacting with Kenzie while i just stood off to the side. my phone started buzzing and i got a text from Liam.

Li: kitchen. NOW!

i walked into the kitchen to find all the boys standing there waiting for me.

"why did you bring her down here?! they're going to figure out what she is and then they're going to kill her!" Liam hissed.

"why would you call her your girlfriend? you know im practically with her!" Niall flipped.

"she woke up and walked out while Lottie and I were talking. what was i supposed to do? Lottie met her and would have asked when she was going to come down and that would cause suspicion," i explained.

"well you didn't need to call her your girlfriend! you know she will be mine one way or another,' Harry growled.

"what was i supposed to say?! 'oh shes just girl that we attacked in the woods and we couldn't drink from her so we kidnapped her and while she's been here we've noticed she has some sort of gift?!' what do u think they would have done if they heard that?!" i retorted.

"i don't know but we have to find a way to get everyone out before they start to eat otherwise when she doesn't drink the blood they will realize she's no vampire," Zayn said. 

~BOBBY'S POV (Niall's father)~

i saw all the boys look extremely mad at Louis when that girl came down. they all went into the kitchen so i decided to do a little eavesdropping. i can't believe what i'm hearing! i  have to have this girl for my experiments! I watched her. She gave Lottie a hug and that's when i noticed it... on her lower back she has a tattoo of a pair of wings but not just any tattoo THE MARK OF THE ANGELS! When she finished talking to Lottie i approached her. 

"Hello Kenzie. I'm Bobby. Niall's father. may i please speak to you for a moment?" i asked.

"of course. it's wonderful to finally meet everyone. the boys have told me so much about you all," she smiled but i saw a hint of fear in her eyes.

She is a great liar but she gave it away when she realized who i was. even if it was only a slight reaction it was still a reaction.

"oh really? walk with me," i commanded.

we walked outside to the backyard and through the back gate which she was hesitant to walk through.

"why did we go outside the gate? why didn't we just stay in the backyard? there's no one out there," she stuttered.

"because it's easier to do this," i said before i grabbed her.

she screamed and i stuck a syringe into her neck. she slowly went limp. i picked her up and put her into the truck of the car, pulled my keys out of my pocket and drove her to the secret lab.

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