Fallen Angel

Kenzie's a seemingly normal teenage girl until one night when she's walking home from soccer practice, she's kidnapped but these aren't your normal kidnappers. There one direction and what she finds out about them could ruin them forever and what she finds out about herself could kill her. What happens if she breaks the rules she's forced to follow? What will they do to her? Will they let her go now that she knows? Will her life ever be the same?


2. my new home

          when i awoke i was extremely dizzy. I was on a bed with my hands tied to the backboard. I looked around at my new surroundings. i have no idea where i am. I noticed the marks on my arms which looked like bite marks. The room is dark except for the moonlight coming from the window on the side of the room. I tried to get my hands free when i heard a laugh from across the room.

         "You won't be able to get out, beautiful," says a sweet British accent from across the room.

         I could hear someone get up from a chair and begin to walk towards me. He stepped into the moonlight and i could clearly see who he was. HARRY STYLES!? I'm so confused. Why would Harry styles kidnap me or maybe he rescued me? The door across the room opened and the light turned on. Louis Tomlinson walked in and looked at me with a smile. The other boys followed him with a tray. i couldn't see what was on it but i new it was something bad.

         "Well i see our mysterious dinner is awake," he says.

         "Hello love," Zayn says sitting on my bed. 

         "What am i doing here?" i asked.

         "We want to know why we couldn't eat you darling," Louis says laughing.

         Louis reaches over to Liam who is holding the tray, and picks up a syringe. My eyes grow wide and i look over at Niall who quickly turns away and looks down. I try to get away from the needle but know it's no use i'm too week to get away. he sticks the needle into my arm and i feel pain throughout my body. I wince and notice my necklace light up. I was given this necklace when i was born and told never to take it off. after she gave it me she hid me in my room and walked out. All i heard was screaming and the next day the police found me. No one knows i saw the entire thing. Something bit her neck and killed her. i don't know why them biting me didn't kill me. The pain went away and my necklace went dark. Zayn walked over to the table across the room and threw it against the wall. He then ran at an amazing speed over to me. 

           "WHAT ARE YOU? WHY CAN'T WE KILL YOU? HOW THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!" he screamed right in my face. they didn't see my necklace light up. 

          I looked at all of them. Zayn was pissed. Liam, Harry and Louis looked upset but Niall's expressions were unreadable. Zayn stormed out of the room. 

           "I'll watch her you guys go get dinner," Niall said. 

           They nodded and left. Niall sat down on my bed and reached for my necklace which was tucked inside my shirt. he must have seen it glow.

           "why did this light up?" he asked in a calm, sweet voice.

           "i don't know," i replied.

            "let me try something."

            He reached behind my neck and removed the necklace. He then slowly bent over and bit my neck carefully. I felt a slight pain. He wasn't pushed away. he just kept drinking my blood. he was a vampire. I knew i had already lost a lot of blood. and he drank every last drop. the last thing i saw was him staring at me terrified. He didn't think he would kill me. It just happened... 

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