Fallen Angel

Kenzie's a seemingly normal teenage girl until one night when she's walking home from soccer practice, she's kidnapped but these aren't your normal kidnappers. There one direction and what she finds out about them could ruin them forever and what she finds out about herself could kill her. What happens if she breaks the rules she's forced to follow? What will they do to her? Will they let her go now that she knows? Will her life ever be the same?


4. healing process


It has been almost a week now. My aunt is probably worried sick. Those monsters won't let me contact her and tell her i'm ok even though i'm not. I'm almost fully healed which is very strange considering how bad of an injury i got. I only have a slight pain in my side but it's barely noticeable. just a week ago i had so many broken bones it was impossible to count them all and now i'm practically healed. I haven't seen Niall since the day Zayn did this to me. Everyday someone comes in to give me food and something to drink but it's never Niall. I was sitting on my bed playing with my bracelet when Harry walked in with a glass of water. I was really thirsty but i'm still hesitant when they give me things because i don't know if what they're giving me is a test or not. I took the glass from his hand and was about to take a sip from it when i noticed the bubbles. i turned towards Harry, gave him a smile and dumped it on his head. His skin started to burn and i looked at him with shock. 

"Your so stupid! you know that? i'm trying to help you!" he screamed.

"Really? and how's that? by trying to poison me?!?!" i yelled back.

"you don't understand! Liam's talking about draining your blood into blood bags and drinking it like that since we can't drink from you! I put vampire poison in the water so that if he tried to it would burn him," Harry explained. 

"oh...i'm really sorry Harry i didn't know. i thought you were trying to poison me not save me."

"why would i want to poison you?"

"so you could kill me and drink my blood. your a monster. All of you are!"

"yeah? well so are you!" he screamed storming out of the room.

what did he mean? i'm not one of them. I decided to go downstairs and get some water and something to eat because Harry didn't bring me any food and i dumped the water, or whatever it was, on his head. I walked down the stairs and opened the kitchen door. Niall was making a sandwich. When he saw me he went to leave but I stopped him.

"Niall. please talk to me," i begged.

he stopped walking and turned towards me putting the plate on the counter.

"what is there to talk about? you think i'm a monster. all i was doing was trying to save your life and you refused it. i don't see why you want to talk to me! i try to be nice but all you are is rude and refuse my help. you could have died! I know you hate us but some of us are actually trying to help you and don't want you dead. like me," he sadly said.

"well it's true but that doesn't mean we can't be friends does it? i mean i feel like your the only person here i might actually be able to trust. i only refused because i was afraid that if i had your blood in my system and they did another test and killed me i would become a vampire. I don't want that. it scares me. i don't even know what i am. how you guys supposed to figure it out if i don't even have a clue what i could be. i don't know what to do. i'm scared and talking to you just makes me feel better. i don't know why but it just does. please i miss you Niall. Your the first person that makes me feel special and safe. please, i really need you," i said a tear escaping my eye.

He quickly walked up to me, grabbed my face and kissed me. I took me a second to realize what happened but when i did i kissed him back. he wrapped his hands around my waist and i wrapped mine around his neck. It was a really passionate kiss. i saw fireworks! all of a sudden i heard footsteps and Niall and i were ripped away from each other. Louis pulled Niall away from me and pushed him up against the wall.

"What the hell? The other boys are going to kill you when they find out you kissed her if i don't kill you first!" Louis screamed and went to go punch him.

"NO!!!!" i screamed and ran in between them and into Niall's arms.

"move. NOW!" Louis screamed.


"Kenzie, it's ok. i'll be fine," Niall said trying to get me to move.

"No. i'm not letting him hurt you!"

"I have a better way of taking care of this and making sure they both suffer," Harry said.

Harry grabbed me by my hair and brought me into the living room. He through me onto the couch and Louis brought Niall in. Harry slowly walked towards me.

"We can't let you to continue this. you must be taught a lesson to make sure you try anything like that again," he laughed.

"Get away from me," i spat.

"not until you've learned your lesson!"

He got on top of and began to kiss my neck while i tried to push him off of me. Niall tried to get away from Louis to help me but Louis was too strong.

"LET ME GO!!!!!" I screamed kicking and hitting him.

i tried to get him off of me but he was too strong. I kept screaming and he finally stopped kissing my neck.

"SHUT. UP." he said kissing me on the mouth to try to get me to shut up.

I wouldn't kiss back and he was getting really angry. His hands were moving up and down my body and began to play with the bottom of my shirt.

"Kiss me or i'm going to kill your precise Niall," he hissed in my ear but not loud enough for Niall and Louis to hear.

I looked at him and gave him an i'm sorry look then turned back to Harry. I leaned forward and kissed him. He broke the kiss and began to lift up my shirt. I looked at Niall and he was fighting back tears. He broke our eye contact and quickly looked away. I felt a tear slip out of my eye. Harry pulled me forward and went to go take off my shirt.

"Please,let me go," i begged tears streaming down my face.

"I will when you've learned your lesson," he smirked.

"I have and i can't be doing this with you. I'm not allowed too. your breaking your own rule," i said quietly.

"No this is the punishment for breaking the rule," Harry said.

"I don't understand. the punishment is the same as what you would do to break the rule?"

"yes but with  someone you don't like," Harry looked down sadly.

He got off of me and i sat up. He slowly walked over to Niall.

"As for you. you know shes mine. i told you to back off and you didn't. this is what happens when you don't listen," He tried to whisper but i could hear every word.

"let him go. you said you would," i said.

"do you still like him?!" he yelled quickly walking towards me.

"no. no Harry. i swear," i said trying to make it sound like i was telling the truth.

"STOP LYING!" he yelled slapping me across the face. 

"you obviously didn't get a big enough punishment!" he yelled before walking over to Niall.

"hopefully this will make you understand," Louis said before snapping Niall's neck.

"NO!!!!!!!!" i screamed running towards him.

Before i could get to him Louis picked me up and brought me up to my room shutting the door behind him and locking the door. He started to walk towards me but i ran to the other side of the room crying like crazy. Louis sighed and sat down on the bed.

"I'm really sorry," he apologized.

"no your not. your monsters. Niall was the only one i trusted and now you've killed him!" i said still crying.

"Niall's dead for now but he's a vampire. He'll wake up soon enough. i'm sorry about what Harry did too you. he just really likes you and seeing you with Niall made him jealous. hell, it made me jealous! he wants you to himself but Liam won't let that happen. i really am sorry," Louis said before unlocking the door and walking out.

i stayed in the corner still crying. i felt bad for Louis he had to see two of his best friends kiss me. i know i sound full of himself but i'm not trying to be. i knew Niall would be mad at me. how would he ever forgive me? i made out with Harry and he was forced to watch and so was Louis. I bet Niall thinks i did it on purpose. i have to get out of here. i can't hurt anyone anymore!

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