Fallen Angel

Kenzie's a seemingly normal teenage girl until one night when she's walking home from soccer practice, she's kidnapped but these aren't your normal kidnappers. There one direction and what she finds out about them could ruin them forever and what she finds out about herself could kill her. What happens if she breaks the rules she's forced to follow? What will they do to her? Will they let her go now that she knows? Will her life ever be the same?


5. escape plan

when i had finished crying i got up and crawled into my bed. I kept thinking about what's happened since i got here and what i might be. when i think i play with my necklace. i noticed 2 of the diamonds are dark now. i then thought about the amount of diamonds and the amount of rules. theres 4 diamonds and 4 rules. a diamond for each rule maybe? maybe every time i break a rule, a diamond goes black. i then thought back to the rules. when Niall removed the necklace and put it back on a diamond turned black. i broke rule number one. i don't know if i've broken rule 2 because i don't know what my gift is. then i thought about how i healed the girls arm and i healed so fast. Am i able to heal people? is that my gift? maybe she's a creature and i broke that rule? but it wasn't like that after i healed her so it can't be that. then i thought about rule 3. i haven't killed anyone so that's out of the question. And then there's rule 4 which says that i can't fall in love with another creature. i thought about what happened today. was i in love with Niall? no i can't be we just met. But that must be it. after all i broke a rule and the diamond turned black. i sighed. leaving would be harder than i thought. I was about to fall asleep when i saw a bright light from across the room. i quickly sat up. the creature seemed to be an angel, but not just any angel...my mother.

"hello Kenzie," she smiled walking towards me.

"mom?" i asked walking over to her.

"yes Kenzie. i've missed you," she said hugging me.

"what's going on?"

"listen to me Kenzie, this is very important," she said walking over and sitting on my bed. i followed.

"there's something no ones ever told you that you need to know. Your an angel. and every time you break the rules we've told you, a diamond in your necklace will turn black. if you break all the rules, you will become a fallen angel. which means you'll die if they attack you like i did," she said.

"you were a fallen angel?"

"no. The vampire that attacked me injected me with something that allowed him to kill me. I've been watching over you for awhile now and i know you've already broken 2 of the rules. Kenzie you need to be careful. Niall isn't what he seems! his father is the one that killed me and i wouldn't be surprised if Niall knows who you are and is planning to do the same to you. you can't leave they'll track you down. someone's coming i have to go. be careful i love you!" she said before she disappeared again. 

"i love you too mom," i whispered before Liam walked in. 

he stood in the doorway staring at me.

"what do you want?" i snapped.

"calm down i just wanted to check on you. i heard you had a very eventful day," i said.

"yeah i did. I burnt Harry, was kissed by Niall, nearly raped by Harry, told that Louis and Harry both like me but i'm only allowed to be with Harry, and starved for the past week. I'm barely brought any food and i can't go downstairs without it being a big deal. I need clothes. i can't keep wearing these," i said.

'fine i'll buy you some tomorrow but for now come downstairs and get something to eat," he said before walking out of the room.

i walked downstairs to find it empty i mean it was late but i didn't expect it to be empty down here. i made a sandwhich, ate and was about to go back upstairs to go to bed when i heard something coming from the living room. i looked into the dark room but didn't see anything so i headed back upstairs to bed.

            ~NIALL'S POV~

i woke up still lying on the living room floor. i thought about what happened and ran up to my room before anyone saw me cry. one minute Kenzie and i are sharing an amazing and passionate kiss full of fireworks then 5 minutes later she's voluntarily making out with Harry. how could i be so stupid?!?!?! i fell for her knowing i'd probably get hurt and what happened? i got my heart broken. i can't even look at her the same way now. Harry can have her!

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