Fallen Angel

Kenzie's a seemingly normal teenage girl until one night when she's walking home from soccer practice, she's kidnapped but these aren't your normal kidnappers. There one direction and what she finds out about them could ruin them forever and what she finds out about herself could kill her. What happens if she breaks the rules she's forced to follow? What will they do to her? Will they let her go now that she knows? Will her life ever be the same?


9. Daddy's footsteps

I arrived at my old house and saw my fathers car in the driveway. I got out and walked into the broken down house. I look around at the peeling walls that used to be covered in pictures. All the memories that cloud my memory when I see the house mean nothing to me. They're just memories. I walk into the basement and see my father getting stuff ready on a table. Kenzie is tied down to a chair, knocked out.

"Niall, glad you could make it," my father said.

"I'm only doing what mom told me to," I reply.

"She wasn't supposed to compel you. You were supposed to do this on your own."

"It doesn't matter. I turned off my emotions. It's not like I care what I'm gonna do."

"You will when you turn them back on."

"Who said I will?"

"You will eventually. Trust me."

"No. I'll destroy myself if I do. I can't turn them on."

"Alright. Whatever you say son. Wake her up."

I walked up to Kenzie and slap her, waking her up. She looks around, terrified until she sees me. Her fear changes to hope. She actually thinks I'm gonna save her? For some reason I can't look into her eyes.

"Niall! You found me! Please, get me out of here." She begged.

"Now why would he ever want to do that?" My father says.

"Niall? What's going on?"

"He's going to follow in my footsteps."


"Niall, hand me that knife. I have a few tests I would like to try," my father says to me.

I give him the knife and he grabs her arm. She tries to pull it out of his grip but she is tied down and he's too strong. He takes the knife and makes a deep cut in her arm. She screams and he yells at her to shut up.

"Her necklace heals her," I said,

"It's not the necklace. The necklace only helps control new angels powers and because her aunt or mother never got a chance to teach her then we better take this off so she can't use her gift on us."

I walk over to her and rip her necklace off her neck. I only look into her eyes for a second but I see them full of fear and tears. She was trying not to cry.

My dad continues to run a bunch of tests on her with my help. By the time we're done she's lost a ton of blood. She can barely stay awake. My dad picks up a syringe filled with a black liquid.

"I'm done with her. She's no use to me. She's not that strong and she barely knows how to control her gift. This is going to kill her and I want you to be the one who does it," he says.

"Niall, please. Don't do this," Kenzie says, too tired to fight.

She can barely get the words out because she's too weak. I take the syringe from my father and start walking towards her.

"Shut up you stupid girl," my father says.

"Niall, please. I-I-I love you," she says through tears and breaths.

I stop walking towards her and freeze. I then feel all my emotions come back. I look at her and see the tears streaming down her face and the cuts and bruises covering her body. How could I have done this to someone I love? Seeing her in pain nearly kills me. My knees start to tremble and I feel tears start to fall from my eyes. I can't kill her.

"I love you too Kenzie."

"Niall! What are you doing?! Kill her!"

"No dad! I love her. I can't."

"Then ill do it myself!"

He takes the syringe from my hand and walks towards her. He's about to use it when I run up to him and try to pull it out if his hand. He stabs it into my wrist and a little gets into me. Kenzie shuts her eyes really tight, concentrating. The syringe flies out of his hand and into his neck, killing him. I don't feel as sad as I probably should because my father isn't the same person I knew before. He's someone completely different. I fall to my knees and realize I'm slowly dying. I have to get her out of here first. I look over at her necklace and see another diamond turn black. There's only one left that isn't black. I put it back around her neck.

"Niall," she says almost inaudible.

I untie her. She takes my hand and closes her eyes, concentrating. I feel myself slowly become saved. She opens her eyes and smiles at me.

"I'm so sorry. I couldn't control what I did. My mom compelled me and I turned off my emotions. I'm so sorry, Kenzie. Please forgive me. I love you."

"I know. I forgive you. I love--"

Her hand starts to go limp and her eyes flutter shut. I see the last diamond on her necklace turn black. This can't be happening! She can't be dying. I can't loose her again!

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