Fallen Angel

Kenzie's a seemingly normal teenage girl until one night when she's walking home from soccer practice, she's kidnapped but these aren't your normal kidnappers. There one direction and what she finds out about them could ruin them forever and what she finds out about herself could kill her. What happens if she breaks the rules she's forced to follow? What will they do to her? Will they let her go now that she knows? Will her life ever be the same?


6. a stupid mistake

               ~LIAM'S POV~

I told Kenzie i would buy her new clothes today. I didn't know what kind of clothes she would like and i couldn't bring her with me because she might try to escape so i just bought what i thought she might like. I bought her some skirts, crop tops, some cute everyday dresses, leggings/yoga pants, jeans and some shorts. i also bought her some jewelry. I was about to go back to the house when i got a text from Louis saying that we should go out to eat tonight. i decided it was a good idea considering the fact that all we ate was pizza and i'm pretty sure that no one wants pizza again tonight. if we were going to a fancy restaurant Kenzie would need a fancy dress. i went into a store with a bunch of dresses in it. i eventually couldn't decide between a short red dress with a silver sparkly belt ( http://starry.imgenjoys.com/images/v/201301/mini-short-length-strapless-sweetheart-red-prom-dress-cocktail-dress-hannah-s-2773413575386560.jpg )


a strapless blue high low dress with sparkles at the top ( http://www.jenniferdresses.com/images/UploadPic/simplydress/turquoise-dress-NM-6632-a.jpg )


and a long white dress with a sparkly belt ( http://www.eveningcocktaildresses.co.uk/image/cache/data/product/n/e/new-0825c-03-white-1-900x1434.jpg )

so i decided to buy them all. I then bought some heels and other shoes for her. i bought her a pair of 'Nevada style brown boots', a pair of sparkly silver heels, a pair of black converse and a pair of vans. as i was leaving the mall i saw a women selling hair straighteners and curlers and she asked me if i wanted to buy one for my "girlfriend." i decided to purchase one of each for Kenzie and i bought her some makeup up too even though she didn't need it. I brought everything back to the house and gave her the bags so she could look at the clothes and put them away. I then told everyone to go into the living room including Kenzie. 

"so i was thinking that instead of having pizza tonight, we could go out to eat at Nando's," i announnced.

i heard a bunch of yay's and yes' from everyone except Kenzie.

"what's wrong Kenzie? you don't want to go out with us?"

"since when am i allowed to go out? i couldn't even go with you to pick out my own clothes. did you buy me a dress i can wear then?"

"yep," i said proudly. 

"great. can't wait to see what that looks like," she said sarcastically.

"what's that supposed to mean?" i asked.

"none of you know what kind of clothes i like to wear. you kidnapped me in my practice clothes, not in my everyday clothes and since then i've had to wear your clothes."

"well i bought a bunch of stuff just in case."

"thanks but since when do you actually eat  food? all I've seen you guys do is kill people and eat pizza but eating pizza is obviously just your attempt at being normal which is never gonna happen."

"we can't just survive off of blood. we need actual food too."

"ohh well i guess it makes sense..."

"we should probably leave around 6:30," i said.

"ok," they all said.

i said before walking into the kitchen to make a reservation.

              ~KENZIE'S POV~

i took the bags and walked upstairs to my room. i hung up the clothes in the closet. they're not what i would normally wear but they're cute. Surprisingly, the boys gave me a room with a mirror in it considering the fact that they barely give me anything including food. i decided to wear the blue high low dress and the silver heels. i took my hair out of its messy bun. it was a complete mess! i brushed it out and plugged my curling iron in. while it heated up i did my make-up. i put on some light eyeliner and some really light eye shadow which was good because it was barely noticeable . i then added some mascara. i put in the silver hoops which made my green eyes seem more brown than green. next, i curled my hair and clipped some back so it was off of my face. i found a silver bracelet and put it on. my necklace didn't match so i took it off and put on a silver diamond necklace that matches the bracelet. i already broke that rule so what did it matter? when i was done i stepped back and looked in the mirror. i'm missing something. i went back into the makeup bag and finally found what i was looking for. i pulled out a tube of light pink lip gloss and put it on. i threw the lip gloss back in the bag when i hear the boys yelling for me to hurry up.

i sighed and walked down the stairs. when the boys saw me they wouldn't stop staring. did i do something wrong? I looked down and made sure i saw Niall take a step forward and go to say something but stopped himself. i was about to go back upstairs because obviously i wasn't good enough to go with them when Harry stepped forward. 

"wow! you look...AMAZING!" he said.

"thanks," i said looking down at my feet and blushing.

Niall grabbed the keys off of the counter and ran out the door. something been up with him today and i'm determined to find out what. we all followed Niall out to the car. he was already in the passengers seat waiting. 

"what the hell was that?" Liam whispered just loud enough for us to hear.

"nothing," he snapped back.

we drove to Nando's and Liam went up to the man waiting to take us to our seats and told him about our reservation. he brought us to this table and gave us our menus. i sat in between Louis and Niall. we all picked out what we wanted to eat and waited for our waitress. i decided to reach under the table and grabbed Niall's hand. he quickly pulled it away from me. i stared at him but he didn't even glance at me. that's when our waitress came over. we ordered and then she started talking to the boys. 

"i see you boys have brought someone along with you tonight," she said winking at Niall. he smiled back at her.

"Not tonight Sophia," Liam said.

"you know you can't come in here without bringing me someone Liam so unless you give me the girl you'll have to stay here until someone brings me something to eat because i'm starving and if it's not quick enough then i'll just have to eat the girl."

"the girls not an option. i'll call Clark and tell him to bring something for you."

"good," she said before walking over to Niall. 

She started playing with his hand and he kept smiling at her. it was really pissing me off. She then sat on his lap and kept flirting with him. i got up and walked out of the room. the last thing i heard before i left was Zayn say, "really Sophia, you had to do that?

i can't believe he was playing me! i hate him! my mom was right... he's nothing but bad news.i walked down the road to the car. it was getting really dark and it was starting to freak me out. the car was in an empty parking lot behind a couple of buildings. i was almost at the car when i heard someone behind me. i figured it was one of the boys making sure i wouldn't get away so i just ignored it. i got to the car and realized it wasn't them. i turned around right before Sophia grabbed me. she pushed me up against the car and slammed my head against it. i fell to the ground and tried to get away but she grabbed me and pushed me down on the ground. i screamed and she went to bite my neck. i tried to push her off of me but she was a vampire... it was no use. i tried to reach for the stick next to me but it was too far away. i screamed again still trying to get her off of me. i finally grabbed right as the boys came running around the corner. i took the stick and stabbed her with it. i then pushed her off of me and ran up to the car. i leaned up against and started crying. Everyone except Niall waited until Sophia died so they could get rid of her body. Niall walked up to me and tried to hug me but i pushed him  away.

"stay away from me," i said in between tears. 

i sat down on the ground and leaned up against the car still crying.

"i-i-i'm sorry," he said before slowly walking away. 

i stayed there for another minute still crying when Louis walked up to me and pulled me into his chest. i cried and cried. she was their friend and i killed her! how could i kill her?!?! they probably all hate me even Louis. Niall must hate me the most after all he did like her. didn't he? Zayn and Liam left to get rid of the body while Harry and Louis brought us back to their place. i have no clue where Niall went...he just disappeared after i told him to get away from me. Louis picked me up bridal style when my crying started to stop. he sat with me on his lap in the back seat.

"shhhh it's going to be ok. shhhhh," he said trying to soothe me.

he began to sing to me trying to calm me down. i soon fell asleep.


i woke up back in my bed still in my dress with a note beside my bed. i sat up and decided to open it.

Dear Kenzie,

i'm sorry i didn't wake you up to let you change... you look so beautiful when you're asleep and i wanted you to get some sleep. i would have changed you but that would have been really awkward so i just took off your shoes and undid your hair so you would be more comfortable. i'm sorry that you had a horrible night. I should never have given Liam the idea of going out to eat tonight. i just felt really bad because you're trapped in this house all the time and i wanted you to get out of here for once. i'm so so sorry! please forgive me, carrot. i promise i'll make it up to you! it's not your fault you had to kill Sophia... she attacked you. no ones mad at you don't worry we all understand why you did it. i never really liked her anyways. this never would have happened if i didn't give Liam that suggestion. you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to. i'll leave you alone if you want but all i'm asking for is your forgiveness and to know you're ok. well bye. 

xx Louis

I finished reading the letter and couldn't help but smile. i then got up and changed into a pair of pajama shorts and a coca-cola shirt. i'm not sure if it's made for bed but it's the first shirt i found. i then walked down the hall to Louis' room. i opened the door to find Louis still awake. he looked up and give me a slight nervous smile. he was nervous about what he was about to hear...i could tell.

"hey," he said.

"hey," i said before walking over and sitting on his bed.

i sighed and pulled him into a hug. we stayed like for a minute before we pulled away.

"i forgive you Lou! thank you. you're one of the most sweetest guys I've ever met. i don't know what i would do without you," i said.

"so does this mean we're still friends?"

"of course," i said pulling him back into another hug.

"well we both better get some sleep," he said before lieing down in his bed.

"yeah. Night Lou," i said before leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"goodnight Kenzie," he said upsetly.

'what's wrong?" i asked concerned.

"i can see the way you look at Niall, Kenzie. and the way he looks at you. i know that you both like each other..."

"Niall doesn't like me...he probably hates me for making out with Harry but if i didn't Harry probably would have done worse to me and i was scared. i didn't want him to hurt Niall and he said he would if i didn't kiss him."

"Niall does like you! i can tell because he looks at you the same way i do! shit, i shouldn't have said that..."

"you like me?"

"yes i do but i know you don't like me and it's ok. i can move on i just want to see you happy. Niall was upset when he came home and wouldn't let anyone talk to him so in the morning after everyone wakes up, Niall will probably still be in his room. i want you to go in there and talk to him. you need to work this out before his parents get here in two days. we didn't get a chance to tell you this tonight but Niall's parents are coming to visit in two days."

"ok. but are you sure you aren't upset?" i asked.

"i'm sure now go to bed. you need to get some sleep. goodnight," he said.

"night Lou," i said before shutting off his light and closing his door. 

i was about to walk into my room when i felt someone behind me. i quickly turned around to find a pissed off, soaking wet Sophia! 

"h-h-h-h-how?" i stuttered.

"you know? you people should really check to make sure someone's dead before you throw her into a lake!" she screamed pushing me against the wall. 

"i-i-i'm sorry"

"SHUT UP! it was the whole i was trying to protect myself thing? well that doesn't work for me. now i'm hungry and pissed off!" she screamed before biting into my neck. she started drinking my blood but stopped.

"what are the boys gonna think when they find you dead? they won't even think to come after me. they think i'm dead. well it's too bad i actually thought we could be friends."

she bite back into my neck and i was starting to loose consciousness. i screamed and she stopped. she slammed me against the wall and started to drink again. why was she able to drink my blood? why isn't she being pushed away. i screamed again and the boys came rushing out of there room. but it was too late... she let go of me and i fell to the ground. i had no strength to move. all i could do was laying there. i heard screaming but i couldn't hear what they were saying. then my head was lifted up and a wrist was put in front of so i would drink their blood. i did but my body wouldn't take it. i spit it back up and tried to stay conscious but it was hard. i eventully gave up but right before i passed out i saw a bright light infront of me. it was truly beautiful. i couldn't help but smile. i saw my aunt run towards me and that's the last thing i remember before everything turned black.  

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