Once lost, Found again

Given up and forgotten about is not what you call a 'perfect' life to Allison Greene. Dancing out all her stress is the only way she deals with this life of hers. Until she runs into someone that looks like her, just one major difference. Will she run away from this one and only chance or will she take it while its there. Only she can decide her fate, unless someone helps her along the way. Read on to find out.


7. Truth or lies?

 "I'm your mum."

"Wait what?" A surprised response comes from Niall. I stand next to him in shock. This can't be. Am I on Pranked? Okay cameras come out now. This isn't funny.

"Allison?" Nialls mum, well I'm guessing, my mum as well, try's to get my attention.

"Um, yeah. Hi." I say looking at the ground fiddling with my thumbs.

"You're Allison Horan. You were born December 29th but I couldn't afford another child at the time so I gave you up for adoption. You deserved a better life then what I could give you. It seems as if you had a wonderful child-hood. I kept in touch with your adopted parents." She rambles off.

An awkward cough comes from behind me. "Um, yeah. We will be going. See you guys later." Louis says and starts backing up to the door with the 3 other boys. Those weirdos.

"How? Why?" I question.

"I'm wondering the same thing." Niall  mumbles from beside me.

"Well. Let's sit down and we'll all talk about it." Niall's mum says while walking to the living area.


With that conversation I found out that, She had kept in touch with my foster parents all these years. She planned on calling me up one day, but she didn't want to talk over the phone but in person. She had me about a year after Niall was born, she didn't have the money or the room to keep me, so instead of having me live with them, she gave me to someone who could take good care of me. I told them about my life, how Niall and I met, how that I am now back up dancing for him and his lads. That my life was all around a good life.

After talking Niall, his-our family, and I separated to different rooms to sleep for the night.

Today was just full of surprises. Tomorrow should be interesting.


A/N: Hi! Sorry I haven't updated in like forever. I really have to focus on school. But I hope this update it good for now. Thank you for the 72 reads! (:

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