Once lost, Found again

Given up and forgotten about is not what you call a 'perfect' life to Allison Greene. Dancing out all her stress is the only way she deals with this life of hers. Until she runs into someone that looks like her, just one major difference. Will she run away from this one and only chance or will she take it while its there. Only she can decide her fate, unless someone helps her along the way. Read on to find out.


6. Surprise!

I woke up to a quiet atmosphere. I'm guessing Niall left to go do his normal pop-star thing. I got up threw on a pair of spandex and a baggy shirt. Grabbing my phone and wallet, I walked into the kitchen to get a class of water.

'Morning Alli. I left to do some recording with the lads. I'll see you later.'

Wo. 'All day to myself' I thought to myself. I slipped on my Keds and headed out to the Arena for practice. Perfectly on time, I arrive to practice.

"Welcome ladies! We will have a quick warm-up. We'll go over some small details and then we will start our first number!" Said the Instructor, which I still have yet to learn her name.


"Okay! I know I haven't told who you'd be back-up dancing for, but their here and would like to meet you all."

I turn around to see not only my new room-mate but his fellow lads. Great. Just great.

"Alli?" They all say at the same time, with the same look of curiousness.

"Ha. ha. ha. Hi guys." I say trying to get everyone's eyes off me.

"We didn't know you were back-up dancing for us." Harry said, probably wanting to know every detail.

"Um, well I didn't know I was dancing for you guys till just now." I say, once again trying to get all the envious stares off of me.

"Okay! Well ladies, this is who you will be dancing for. Now boys, you can sit here in watch if you want." The Instructor, man I should really learn her name, said to the five excited boys.

I try to shake my head to warn them to not say, them seeing me, agreed to stay and watch. They enjoy my pain, and to think I just met these fools.



(After practice)

"Wow, you're really good Alli." Liam says to me as we are currently in Niall's car on the way to get something for dinner, considering it was like 5 o'clock.

We pull up to an Italian restaurant.

"Thanks Li." I say while hopping out of the car.

We enter the restaurant and are seated by an overly confident waitress who thinks its great to push out her breasts to her attractive male customers.

"Do you do any other kinds of dance?" Niall asks.

"Um, yeah. I do hip-hop, obviously, and jazz, ballet, lyrical and tap. I've been doing it since a kid."

We continued to make small talk through out dinner, I learned that Louis had 4 sisters, Zayn was into art, Harry loves The Fray, Liam was a weird phobia of spoons, and Niall has two stomachs. Of course I told them about me, not a lot, but some. They learned about how I was adopted and all urged me to find out whom was my real family.

The boys ended up paying for my meal, with me arguing about it for at least 5 minutes or so.

We left the restaurant and headed to Niall's flat. There was an unfamiliar car there when we pulled up. I didn't know he had company tonight, he should of told me.

"Alli, that's my mum. She's here with the rest of my family for a visit, sorry I forgot to tell you, I hope it isn't a big deal."

"Oh no. It's fine with me, I really don't mind. It would be nice to meet them." I say as I, and the 4 other lads, follow Niall into this flat.

"Hi mum, Greg, dad," Niall says, "You know the boys this is-"

"Allison?" Niall's mum says.

"Um, yeah. Have we met?" I say quite scared that she knows who I am, last time I checked, which was like 4 minutes ago, was that Niall's family had no idea who I was. How'd she know?

"I'm your mum."



A/N: Shocker. Woo! 3 likes, 2 comments and 51 reads. Thanks! Sorry such a late update. I procrastinated on my summer reading and AP world projects and I've been kind of working on it. Now I got one week left so I'm in a hurry. Enjoy the chapter!

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