Once lost, Found again

Given up and forgotten about is not what you call a 'perfect' life to Allison Greene. Dancing out all her stress is the only way she deals with this life of hers. Until she runs into someone that looks like her, just one major difference. Will she run away from this one and only chance or will she take it while its there. Only she can decide her fate, unless someone helps her along the way. Read on to find out.


4. Success and new places

A/N: Woo. Early update! Got a summer project that's due the first day of school and I gotta start it tomorrow. so I'm updating today(: We got 25 likes. Yay! Anyway, on to the story!


The night before I got home in time to be able to get past my 'parents.' I snuck up to my room without creating out too much noise, changed into some cotton shorts and a large over-sized t-shirt.

I woke up to my phone ringtone: Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen.

"Hello?" I asked groggily into my phone.

"Good Morning! Is this Allison Green?" The person on the phone questioned.

"This is she. How may I help you?" I was confused, why did this person need me?

"We would like to say, you have been chosen to be a new back-up dancer." I actually made it? I actually made it!

"Okay! When will our next practice be?" I asked wondering when I would be able to dance again.

"We will need you to be here on Friday at noon."

"Alright, thanks. See you then." I say hanging up, so I could unleash the squeals I had to keep inside while talking to the lady.

I got up out of bed, changed into skinny jeans, a Nirvana t-shirt, that was a size or two too big, and a pair of black and silver Osiris. I went to my bathroom, pulled my hair up into a ponytail, put on some natural makeup and grabbed a snapback to cover up the mess I call my hair.


I walk into Nandos and throw my apron over my clothing, considering my boss wont care what I have on. The usual costumers come in and I do my usual cashier work. The one usual kid looks so familiar, but I cant put my finger on where I know him from. Just as I was thinking that a little girl walks by with a One Direction shirt on, where the blonde kid's face happens to be on. Now I know where he's from: that world famous band, One Direction. I feel as if I have a personal connection with him.

The bell above the door rings, signaling that someone had walked into the door, "Hi welcome to Nandos. How may I help you?" I welcome the person who recently walked in.

"I'll have the peri-peri chicken." The guy says with a chuckle evident as he speaks.

I look up to see the same kid that comes in every day I'm working. "Oh hey, cashier girl. Long time no see." He says giving me a smirk. Cheeky. Nice. "What time do you get off?" He asks snapping me out of my day dreaming.

"I get off in fifteen minutes. Why?" I ask raising my eyebrow at him.

"I'm taking you out. I wanna get to know this beautiful creature I see every time I come to order."

Great. I just wanted to go to the studio and dance, I haven't been in a few days and class was happened to be tomorrow.

"Fine." I say as I hand him his food, and finish up my shift.


I finish up my shift and hang my apron up on my hook and walk out the front to be greeted by the kid, who I have yet to know his name.

"Before I leave with you, I think it would be best if we know each others names." I say before I leave the restaurant front.

"Well I'm Niall. You are?"

"I am Allison." I say giving him a quick smile.

"Well Allison, how does dinner and a walk sound?"

"It sounds lovely."

We walked to a diner not far from my house, after we finished eating we went for a walk in the park.

"So tell me about yourself." Niall tells me.

"Okay well.. I'm 17. Going to turn 18 in a few months. I was put up for adoption by my parents and was adopted by these two people, which I'm trying to move out, and I'm slowly in the process of doing so. I recently just got accepted to be a back-up dancer for some group and yeah. How about you?" I ramble off.

"Well, I'm Niall. You may know me from One Direction. I have the best mates I could have. I've always wanted a little sister, so I can offer you to live in my flat and you could pay me for some of the rent if you want to."

"I don't want to intrude, but how much would I have to pay?" He gives a chuckle at my question, "I would only have you pay 100 pounds."

"Only that?" I asked shocked by how low.

"Yeah, I don't really need the money. You know, world famous pop-star here."

"Hm.. I'll have to think about that offer," I gave him my best thinking face, "okay, yes." Once again a deep chuckled radiates from his mouth.

"How about you move in Saturday?"

"Yeah, that will be good, I got stuff to do Friday."

"I can help you pack?"

"If you insists? I don't have much stuff."

"Well, it'll be my honor to help."

"Come by my work tomorrow, we can do some, before I go to dance." I say before I hopped in my car to leave. "Bye Niall! See ya tomorrow!" I shout out before I fully drive out of view.








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