Once lost, Found again

Given up and forgotten about is not what you call a 'perfect' life to Allison Greene. Dancing out all her stress is the only way she deals with this life of hers. Until she runs into someone that looks like her, just one major difference. Will she run away from this one and only chance or will she take it while its there. Only she can decide her fate, unless someone helps her along the way. Read on to find out.


5. Packing!

It was Thursday and I had gotten off early from work, due to Niall asking my boss for me.

"Lets get to packing!" Niall screams as he runs into my house. Thankfully my 'parents' weren't home. I don't even want to know where they were, not that I cared.

Five minutes into packing we had almost all of my room finished.

"Want some lunch?" I asked Niall to see him already making his way out of my room.

"I'll take that as a yes!" I scream out my door at him.

I get down to the kitchen and start making us sandwiches as Niall started to question me.

"Do you know your real parents?"

"Um, no actually I don't, I just thought since they didn't want me then, they wouldn't want me now." I answer not looking up at him and keeping my head down, paying more attention to what I was doing.

"You'll never know unless you find them and ask them, you know." When did he get so wise?

"I guess, I'll keep it in mind. Thanks." I say forcing a smile.

We finished eating our lunch and head up stairs to keep packing.

In ten minutes top we had gotten everything in boxes and packed away in Niall's car, thankfully he offered to take the boxes to his house and put it in the guest room for me while I went away to dance.

"Okay, so I'll come to your house tonight?"  I asked Niall uncertain of what I was suppose to do.

"Yep, there is already a bed set up in there so you'll be fine." He said making me feel a lot better.

"Alright. I'll see ya later roomie!" I say while starting off to dance on my longboard. Ah. Its been a while since I've road my board. It felt great.

I got to dance just in time. I see syd over in the corner, "Hey girl!" I say pulling her into an awkward hug, considering she was stretching. I start my usual stretch routine and finish it before the instructor comes in.

"Syd, you know that blond kid that was talking to me before and I ran out?" I ask her hoping she remembered.

"Yeah.." She says uncertain.

"Well, we're friends now and he offered to let me move into his guest room."

"Oh wow. That's great!"

"Alright girls, lets work on that combo that we learned!" The instructor told us as we all ran to our spots.


After dance, I said goodbye to everyone and walked down to Nandos with Syd. It was starting to become our new tradition. I ordered my usual and we talked over random drama over the week. I told her I made the audition for back-up dancers and she was excited for me. Speaking of, that practice is tomorrow.

We said our goodbyes and I road to the address Niall had sent me. Luckily it was only a few minutes away from both the studio, the arena and Nandos. Perfect location I do so say myself.

I got inside to hear a bunch of laughter coming from the living room. I walk in and see four other boys plus Niall.

"Hey." I say shyly as they all turn towards me.

"Alli! These are my friends. Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. They're in the same band as me."

"Oh yeah, right. One Dimension. No. Um. Right Direction." I say not really sure on what their name is.

All I get in return is laughter. "No sweetheart. Its One Direction." Says the curly-haired one, Harry, I believe it is.

"Oh yeah. Well, it was nice meeting you, I'm gonna go find the shower. Night."

As I was walking down the hall all I heard were a few whispers, "I didn't know she was that how" or "Wow, youre lucky niall." I continue my search for the shower conisidering I smelt worse then a fat guy sweating in the summer heat. I finish up my shower and change into a pair on long cotton pants with little cows on them and a large t-shirt. I walk into the living room again to see its just Niall on the couch using his phone.

"Um, so your friends are nice." I say while slowly walking into the living room.

"Yeah, you'll get used to them." He says glancing up from his phone.

"So, I'll be going to bed. Night Niall."

"Night Alli! Sleep well."

I nod and walk away to find my bed room. Once There I see that my boxes were all unpacked. I groan knowing that he probably went to unpack my underwear. Wait theres a box left. I see its labeled 'underwear.' Oh thank jesus on high, at least he didn't open that box. I tell myself that i'll unpack it tomorrow and slip into the bed. This is a lot better then the old house.

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