Once lost, Found again

Given up and forgotten about is not what you call a 'perfect' life to Allison Greene. Dancing out all her stress is the only way she deals with this life of hers. Until she runs into someone that looks like her, just one major difference. Will she run away from this one and only chance or will she take it while its there. Only she can decide her fate, unless someone helps her along the way. Read on to find out.


1. New Changes

My life isn't what you would say "picture perfect." Being left by your real parents and having to deal with a crap of a family I currently live with now, isn't what my "parents" thought life for me would be. I never really thought in going to search for them and asking the same old question: "why?" because I knew that answer, its the same one people get all the time: "It was for the best." Yeah well I call bullshit.

I was currently on my longboard heading, to a place we all know as hell, a.k.a  school. Me, being me I was currently not on schedule as you would say. I had gotten up a half an hour later then when I'm suppose to be up. I had to throw on my school uniform, shovel a bowl of cereal into my mouth, and do the rest of my daily routine in a matter of twenty minutes. New record to me for getting ready faster then before.

I first arrive on campus and here the snarky comments from the clique a few feet away.

"Ew. Why would she ride 'that'?

"That is why no one likes her."

That was true. I didn't really have any 'friends' as you would say. Quite a few acquaintances but never really any close friends. I'm more of an antisocial kind of person, the less social interaction the better. I ran up to my locker and grabbed the needed necessities for my first few classes. First class of the day: mathematics. My favorite class! Can you sense the sarcasm? I drag my feet to my class to be met by the most attractive boy on campus...Jacob. Ugh, his blonde hair, blue eyes and perfectly sculpted body no body could resist him. Too bad he had a dick personality and didn't pay attention to the nerds, as myself.


Half the school day done and I couldn't wait to get home and grab my dance bag and head off to my second home: the dance studio. There is where I take out all my stress, from my dad always yelling at me and mom always being drunk to my brother being nothing but a pain in my ass. I needed to get away from everything at least everyday, I wouldn't be able to survive. There was already a bunch of scars climbing up my arm, I sure don't want to be adding more.

The final bell rang and I fled from my English class. I was never good at writing, it wasn't my thing. I stop by my locker, grab my board and anything I needed and got out of the hell hole we call school. Ten minutes later I'm in my house changing into my track shorts and a baggy shirt that I had found in my laundry basket. Who's ever it was they weren't getting it back.


I board out of my house and to my most favorite place in the world. I arrive at least 5 minutes early which is great, because I can do a pre-stretch before I stretch with the class. I've always wanted to have my own dance studio and teach the little kids that are wanting to dance just as much as I do. Seeing all the little faces light up when they finally learn a step or improved would make my life better then it is now, but since I'm only 17 I would have to wait just a year or so, good things come to those who wait, right? Right. Always got to have a little bit of faith to fall back on. I come back to reality to see that most of my class had arrived and the only person who was merely close enough to be considered my friend, Ella, was staring at me.

"I've been trying to get your attention for like forever!" She can be a bit dramatic, which could be annoying sometimes but hey you get used to it.

"Sorry, day dreaming." I give a sheepish smile and continue to stretch until the rest of the class was here. About 5 minutes later everyone was here and the instructor was going through a mini stretch session before we continued on our new combo we were learning yesterday. This combo had got to be my favorite. It was to the swinghouse version of 'Heartless' by The Fray. They were my absolute favorite band of all time. We finished our stretched and practiced our combo and then added on another four eight counts. By the time class was over it was nearly, 9:00. My stomach was growling as I grabbed all my things and started walking to the front door.

"Hey! Alli, you wanna go to Nandos with me?" I hear Syd, scream at me while she hoped toward me trying to place on her shoe. I let out a slight giggle and nod my head to show her that I had agreed. Instead of boarding, she drove us. I ordered my usual and sat down at our usual table. A few minutes later our food had arrived and we were chit chatting and happily enjoying the food. Constant people walked in and out, looked like this place was busy. I heard this thick Irish accent, it sounded quite similar to mine..hmm. Interesting, wonder where he's from.

"Sorry Lads, I was hungry! Yeah I order something for everyone else. No -yes im sure. Do you hear screaming?"

Why would there be screaming? Its not like it mattered to me, so I was keeping my nose out of this. I chatting with Syd, when the mystery guy came over. He had blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and the most adorable smile ever.

"Um, excuse me ladies, but are you from Ireland? Mullingar, Ireland to be exact?" I knew he was directing this question towards me, since I knew Sydney was from Manchester.

"Y-yes I am.." I stutter at first. Way to go Alli. Don't be nervous it just a guy you just met. Just now. A second ago. A minute ago.

"Well, I'm Niall, you are?'

"I'm Alli. Now if you excuse me, I have to return home. It was great meeting you." I say while jumping out of my seat and heading to Syd's car.


"Alli! Wait up!" Sydney yells at me while I hurriedly walk to the car.

"What was that?" She quickly asks, gasping for breath.

"I was getting nervous.. Had to get out before I did something stupid and would regret later, right? Well, I really do have to go, Thanks for the ride! I'll see ya at dance tomorrow." I say before putting down my board and skating off towards my house.


It was empty as usual, just the way I liked it. My 'brother' was probably out banging of the snotty girls, my dad most likely with some tramp and my mom: most likely at a bar. I went to my room, grabbed a pair of pajama shorts, a tank top, a pair of matching undergarments and headed into my bathroom for a warm, relaxing shower. Just what I needed.


I finished my shower, put my clean clothes on and put the dirty ones in my basket, which I needed to do laundry tomorrow by the looks of the basket currently overflowing. I plug my phone into the dock beside me, and close my eyes to a dreamless state. The only thing running through my mind that was blonde hair boy.


(A:N// Hello, this is my fourth fan fiction I am/have written. 2 currently being worked on, one finished. But anyway this is a long first update for this one. Since I'm on Summer break. Woot woot! I'll most likely be able to update on Sundays and Wednesdays and maybe even Mondays and Thursdays but it depends on what I got planned. Haha. So yeah. Hi and I hope you liked it)

Finished: Somethings are meant to be.

Currently working on: This one and Over Again. (These two don't have any covers, Im currently working on those :D)



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