Song Parodies

Here are some parodies my friends and I made up....and they might not make sense xD (some are parodys from youtubers)


6. Little Things

ZAYN:(No I do not own this)
They finally let us write a song
And we won't let them down
We don't know how to write at all so lets just fart around
I'm stroking on this wooden thing and trying to make a sound 
but I have no ability
I'm fiddling with these knobs as if I know what they do
The bloke who does this job is fat and 42 
He can't be on camera because he's not so cute
So I'll just pretend it's me
(spoken) Roll the music tape. Action
We've just let these little turds burn tape for 8 hours
But that's fine cus simple minds will get it in line for the billionth time
Man love these fruits 
And all their little jeans
I can't go to bed I haven't slept in weeks
When I close me eyes I just hear pre pubescent shrieks
It's really hard to concentrate while I'm counting sheeps
So I dress like little Bo Peep...It helps
For a couple days I dated Taylor Swift
She kicked me to the curb and crossed me off her list
She said she wanted me to help her write another hit
And I guess that I kind of did
Sometimes when the blokes
Have fallen fast asleep
I like to place a popsicle between my 2 butt cheeks
The maid is always asking me why I have orange sheets
So I pretend I don't speak English
We just sang a bunch of shite
As a writing exercise
That was fun we're all done
Lets roll tape on a proper one
That's a wrap dudes.
He recorded all those things
Can we just erase the part about the orange popsicle?
I misspoke It's all a joke that the other blokes put me up to.
Hey it's my turn
To be little Bo Peep


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