Song Parodies

Here are some parodies my friends and I made up....and they might not make sense xD (some are parodys from youtubers)


1. Baby

You know I hate you! You know I'll kick you! *Fade*(in the balls)Shout whenever and spit on you! I don't want your love! My fist will punch you! And it will never ever ever end! We're not an item! Boy seriously leave me alone! Please don't talk to me! I don't like you! Well your first love broke your heart! So who cares? And you were like baby baby baby no! I'm like shut up shut up shut up, please!!(Repeat 4 X) You know I'll never be yours, yours.

And this was made by my friend,Jill xD ....she's pretty much a downer to guys xD

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