What Can I Do?

About all the boys being bestmates in school and meet a girl that has a history of men beating her up x


1. First days at school.

Its Lucy Ashworth's first day at her new school she moved to in Wolverhapton. She didn't know anyone or her way around the place. Five boys named Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn saw Lucy as she was walking through the English corridor. They was overwelmed at how pretty she was. 

12:30-Lunch Time

Lucy was with some people she met that are in her form and Niall walked over to Lucy and introdused him self to her. She was abit shocked at first because shes a very shy girl but they was talking for the whole of lunch time. After school at 3:30 Niall introdused her to Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis. Zayn, Louis and Liam have girlfriend that are all bestfriends but go to different schools, Eleanor, Louis girlfriend goes to the same school as them so Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Lucy walked down into town infront while Louis and Eleanor was behind messing about. Niall kissed Lucy when she was just about to walk into her house but she pulled away and said "what are you doing I hardly know you, you've known me for an hour, you don't know anything about me and i don't know anything about you so why did you kiss me!" And ran inside crying, she had a history with boys not treating her right and messing her about and ended up beating her up. She has scars, cuts and bruses all over her from her last boyfriend  Josh. 

The Next Day.

The next day at school Lucy ran up to Niall and said "i'm sorry about yesterday I didn't mean to upset you, we need to talk privatly later after school." And went to class without saying hi to the rest of the boys or Eleanor. When school ended Niall came to her house for tea. Lucy's perants Joan and Mark thought Niall was her boyfriend and they didnt know about the insidence that have happend with her other boyfriend. After they had tea Niall and Lucy when on a walk through the country side. Lucy told Niall about her ex boyfriend Josh and the rest of them and begged Niall not to say anything about it to the rest of the boys or anybody else for that matter because Niall was the only one out of them all she could trust. Niall didnt know what to say he was suprised any boy would treat a girl like that. He thought all boys knew how to treat girls nicely. After he got all that out of his mind he remembed she said something about a boy called Josh beating her up and he said "whats Josh's last name?" she said "its Devine why?" Harry knows someone called Josh Devine he used to be in a little band called White Eskimo with him Harry was the singer and Josh was the drummer, they competed in little comptions at school and won every time.

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