1D Preferences

Just some preferences abut 1D!! :D


2. You Wake Up To Him Carrying You To Bed

Liam: You woke up to a pair of strong arms wrapped around your legs and your upper body. You didn't think of who it was, you just snuggled further into their warmth, letting out a small groan. "Almost to bed babe, yeah? You fell asleep during the movie and the boys were going to do something to you. So I saved you."

Zayn: Your eyes flew open as you got that sudden feeling that you were falling. Which was partially true, Zayn had tripped on his own feet on the way to take you to bed. "Oops, sorry babe," He apologized in a soft tone, smiling down at you as he recollected his grip on you. "Go back to sleep, I'm taking you to bed."

Louis: You let one eye open to peer at your surroundings, surprised when you found yourself suspended in the air cradled in someone's arms. "Lou?" You asked groggily, peering up at him scrunched eyes. "Shh," He whispered, smiling softly at you. "Go back to sleep, I'm gonna tuck you into bed."

Niall: You were a light sleeper as it is, so whenever you felt yourself being lifted into the air, then tousled against someone's chest, you couldn't help but let your eyes fly open, your heart hammering inside your chest. But it immediately calmed down when you met those familiar pair of breath taking eyes. "Hey, let's go to bed, okay?"

Harry: You let out a small whimper, trying to thrash in his tight grip, but he wouldn't allow it, soothing you immediately with his deep voice. "Shh darling." You opened one eye to peer at Harry curiously, but he just smiled, cradling you tighter to his chest. You took this as an invitation to snuggle into his warmth. He chuckled, shaking his head. "Let me take you to bed, okay?"

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