Occasional Poems

So you know how you can sometimes be stuck for a poem to include in a card to a friend or family member?
Well I'll post poems that I have made and will make.
If you are stuck for a poem then comment with the details of:
-Who you want the poem to be about
-A little bit about the person (personality, hair colour, relation etc)
-If you want it to be a poem, an acrostic (made from word or name realated to person), or just leave for me to choose.
- and you username so I can make a wee A/N with it so you know, I'll also reply to your comment letting you know which chapter and the chapter name :D


1. A Visit To Nana's

A Visit To Nana's


A welcoming hug, a welcoming smile

one I haven't seen for a while.

'Would you like a cup of tea?' says she

I nod in kindness with a small 'yes please',


After some tea, and a chat

I am afraid I must leave at that.

A goodbye hug, a goodbye smile

one I won't see for a little while.


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