An Epic Hunt For Love (A Harry Styles Science/Fan Fiction)

On Wattpad, two months ago, I decided to make a surprise story for my readers. This is it. I wanna put it onto Movellas too to see the reaction from the two best writing wesites on the planet.

Description; So this story has vampires, immortal humans, humans, vampire hunters (Humans demonstarting against the new system), human hunters (Vampires who just hunts the humen that tries to escape their lords).
Alicia was a normal, well nearly normal, girl, until her father decided to try and change the world. He turned Alicia into an immortal human and her best friend Harry got turned to a vampire. Harry had always loved Alicia, but his best friend Dean and Alicia had an on and off relationship and when Dean breaks Alicias heart, Harry is dangerously angry.
Love blinds Alicia and she takes her time to find out her feelings for Harry, but she knows there are some. And the travel made it much greater, right?


3. The Welcoming Comitee

~Alicia's POV!

Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the cage, helping me to my full height. His eyes shined red in the darkness of the room. He pulled me out of the door, still looking back at the hunters in the bar. They were completely silent, looking with their red eyes at Lord Harry. The door closed behind him and I could hear the hunters start drinking and yelling again. His eyes still shined red but as we got up the stairs, they stopped shining in the dark. He opened the door before me and I quickly got out of his grip and walked over to the sofa, sitting down on the black leather and crossed my legs. 

I leaned back in the sofa and stared at him. It was the first time I really saw him, in twenty years. He had a black suit on and a dark blue shirt under it and a white tie. He looked like an acceptional rich human. But he was a vampire. He wasn't completely imortal as I was. His brown curled hair sat perfectly on his head. He looked at me with evil eyes.

"Why do you do this to me?" I yelled and felt the tears fill my eyes. I crossed my arms across my chest, protecting myself.

He walked over to the drink table and turned his back to me. I kept staring at the evilish vampire. He made himself a drink and turned around, facing me with a smirk on his face. "You shouldn't complain," he said.

"And you should realize how much you need me before almost letting me rot." I yelled.

"Keep it down I said," he shouted and gritted his teeth. "Go up stairs and get dressed,"

"I don't take orders from-"

I was cut off as I was pulled up from the sofa and smacked up against the wall. He placed his hand on one side of my head, the other hand holding his drink. "Get. Changed," he spelled out at me and took a sip of his drink.

I got out from his stare and walked towards the stairs. I turned around when I reached the stair's first step. He was smiling at me. 

"Welcome back," 

"Nice to be back," I smirked and walked up the stairs.

I shock my head and walked into the well known change room. I stripped off my bloody clothes and took the first set of black clothes I could see. I took the very skinny jeans on, the dark blue t-shirt with a white skull on and the black leather jacket. I fixed my blonde, nearly white hair into a high pony tail. I took a glance at the mirror to see my face filled with blood. I cleaned myself up a bit and applied some waterproof mascara on my eyelashes. I took the red lip stick and applied to my lips. I left the changing room, the usual bag in my hand.

"Looking chic," Harry's voice came.

"Why thank you Lord Harry," I said, bowing lightly.

I walked past him, down the stairs and to the kitchen. Yes, he had a kitchen even though he drank blood from the veins of innocent babys. I peeked into the fridge and saw nothing but some vodka. Hell, he needed some food. 

I slammed the fridge shut and sat onto the one meter high kitchen table. I took a strawberry from the side of the sink. He knew that was what I needed to become strong again. I plopped it into my mouth and threw the tree pin into the sink. I kept plopping the strawberries into my mouth and throwing the tree pins into the sink. 

"Are you good to go?" he asked from the sofa, where he was staring at me, his green orbs checking me out.

"You know I never thought my master would check me out, even when it's the first time i see him in twenty years!" I said and jumped down from the counter. I had my high black heels on, but I knew how to walk, jump and other things in them, as they had always been a part of my uniform.

I checked myself in the mirror. "The only thing there's keeping you from killing me is that I'm powerfull and you can't kill me," I said.

He nodded, looking into the mirror from behind me. I turned around and put my hands around his neck. I looked into his eyes. "You know you can't check your slave out," I whispered and walked away from him.

I walked out of the door, feeling the cool air hit onto my skin. The darkness outside was even more hard to see through than the one in the cage. 

"The car is over there," Harry muttered from behind me. I walked towards where he was pointing and I slid into the black car. 

"The Acadamy has been very worried," he said as he sat into the car and put the keys in.

"Hm.. Really? Well, I'm back," I said.


After driving possibly five hours, the sun started to shine. Harry made the windows tone so the sunlight didn't burn him. Just the real routine of a welcome back. The car stopped and I stepped out of the car. The snow was even higher here than it had been in the forest. 

I walked up to the well known wooden doors. I opened the doors and heard thousands of lockers shut. I walked through the corridors and found the headmasters office. I stepped into the office without knocking.

"I'm baaack!" I sang out as Jackie Mars looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Alicia! What did he do to you this time? Why do you keep trying to escape! They'll soon get you killed," she said and stood up, pulling me into a hug.

 I cleared my throat. "Nothing special, they just hunted me down and put me back in the cage until this morning," I said.

"How can you take it so easy?" she asked and sat back down behind her desk.

"Because I'm suppose to take it easy. I can't make sure they won't kill me, but I can make sure that I live as long as possible. Besides Harry needs me to protect him," 

I took up several things in my hand and turned it around. "What class am I teaching first?" I asked.

"How come you can be here when you're suppose to protect Lord Harry?" she asked and looked up from her Mac.

"Someone has to teach them how to protect their vampires," was all I said and placed back down a statuette of a lion.

She sighed. "You're teaching the seventh years," she said.

"Thanks," I took my bag and walked out of the office and down the corridors and into the gym hall.

Several teenagers were laughing, playing around and talking. I stood in the middle of the room and watched as some of the many teens started calming down as they caught my eyes. After what seemed like five minutes, they were all settled on the floor, looking at me.

"Teens!" I said. "I'm back,"

They started an applause. Then a forest of hands was in the air.

I pointed at the black haired boy with glasses. "Yeah Caspar?" 

"How did you escape this time?" he asked.

The other teens started mumbling, whispering. 

"Shhh," I said and they went silent. "I used my strength. Besides; I'm still under Lord Harry's  slavery,"

The forest and hands flew into the air again. 

"Yes Maria?" 

"You don't look exhausted at all." 

"No, as I said; I used my strength and strength doesn't make you exhausted as long as you keep breathing," 

They all started whispering again. 

"So today we are going to run, so get outside," I yelled out over the whispers.

They all sighed loudly and someone complained about it being cold outside. 

"I don't care get outside and run!" I yelled.

When they were all outside I turned around to the breathing of the person I knew very well. I looked at him. His brown curls fell just as they had done ten minutes ago. 

"What are you doing here, how did you get in and why are you here?" I asked and walked towards him.

"We got a problem," he breathed out. He sounded like he was hyperventilating. 

"What?" I asked, concerned.

"He's back," he breathed out.


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