An Epic Hunt For Love (A Harry Styles Science/Fan Fiction)

On Wattpad, two months ago, I decided to make a surprise story for my readers. This is it. I wanna put it onto Movellas too to see the reaction from the two best writing wesites on the planet.

Description; So this story has vampires, immortal humans, humans, vampire hunters (Humans demonstarting against the new system), human hunters (Vampires who just hunts the humen that tries to escape their lords).
Alicia was a normal, well nearly normal, girl, until her father decided to try and change the world. He turned Alicia into an immortal human and her best friend Harry got turned to a vampire. Harry had always loved Alicia, but his best friend Dean and Alicia had an on and off relationship and when Dean breaks Alicias heart, Harry is dangerously angry.
Love blinds Alicia and she takes her time to find out her feelings for Harry, but she knows there are some. And the travel made it much greater, right?


6. The Jump

~Alicia's POV!

I woke up on the ground in our tent. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Harry was lying all over our shared matress. I shock my head and sat up. I looked at him. He had a bit of drool on his chin. I laughed and pushed him over on the side so he was lying on the cold ground. I lie onto the matress and watched him sit up slowly. 

"Hey! You don't push your lord out of bed do you?" he blurred out. He rubebd his eyes and pushed me a little more over to the tent wall. He lie onto the matress and pulled his sleeping bag over his head. 

"Sleepy lord of the sleepy kingdom we have to go," I pushed him over on the side again and he fell out of the matress. 

I laughed and crawled out of the sleeping bag. I took off my jumper and my training pants. I grabbed my backpack and ran through the clothes I had. I found what I was seeking for; The purple jeans and my leather jacket. I took on a yellow long sleeve top and then I got the leather jacket on and the jeans. It was freezing, to tell you.

I looked at Harry who was staring at me. "I don't think a lord is suppose to look at his slave like that,"

He turned his head away from me and cursed. I crawled out of the tent. The freezing cold air hit my hands. I pulled the sleeves in the yellow shirt over my hands and kicked the remains of the fire, we made last night, and tried to hid it away behind some bushes and leafes. I turned around and looked at a very sleepy, yawning, Harry. 

I saw the stars before my eyes, the well known stars, and I fell back over. Harry was over by me before I hit the ground. He held me up and that was the last I saw.

I was pulled through darkness. When I fell onto the ground, it was right where we were right now. Our camp. The hunters came out of nowhere and were looking through the tent. We had apparently only got our back packs with us. One of the hunters ripped the tent with his bare hands and threw it on the ground. The other hunters went around and looked in the bushes. When they didn't find anything, they went on. I looked up the tree. We weren't up there. 

And then I was pulled back through the darkness and ended in Harry's arms again.

"Run!" I whispered when I finally got to myself.

I stood up, followed by Harry and we packed all of our things into the back packs. I took the tent and got it into my back pack. I looked at Harry, who was looking at me alarmingly, he took my hand and jumped up the tree. I let go of his hand and went over the bridge, very carefully. 

"ARGH WHY DON'T GOD LIKE US?!" a hunter, a girl, yelled from under the tree tops.

"Shhhh!" someone else spat. "Maybe they're-" 

"Oh yeah!" the girl whispered.

I looked at Harry with wide eyes. He grabbed my hand and ran. I really didn't know what to do. But it seemed like Harry did.

He stopped running and I almost ran into him, pushing him out of the tree. I looked at what he was looking at. A high mountain was rised right before us. 

"That I hadn't seen coming," I mumbled. I turned to Harry. "Can you jump that high?"

"I can try," he said, shrugging his shoulders. 

I jumped onto his back and he looked up a few times. "Just jump," I whispered in his ear.

"But what if we fall?" 

"I can't die, you can," I said. "Don't worry, I'll pull the branches out of your body!" 

He laughed his hoarse laugh and prepared to jump. 

"Look there they are!" the girl voice yelled.

"Harry jump!" I screamed.

Before I could see what happened, Harry was jumping through the air, making everything go super fast. He helped me down from his back and looked down at the hunters.

"You okay?" he turned to me.

I nodded, my mouth still gaping. 

"Come on," he said, smiling charmingly. 

I hauled up in my back pack and followed him. The forest we were walking through had large, tall trees. The leafs were yellow, red, brown and orange. You would think that there wouldn't be light to see anything, but there was. We were in the vampire ruled side of the world. The sun was just a lamp. In the real world, humans side of the world, there would be dark right now. No sun at all.

I just followed Harry. He clearly knew the area. Wauw he knew other places than his palace. 

"It's weird, I just got home again, going back to normal, and they show up right out of the blue air!" I sighed.

He looked back at me while walking. "Yeah," he said. "They're working for him, you know,"

As much as I didn't want to think about my dad - who were the one starting all of this, saying it would be a great new world -  he just popped into my head. Well as he used to be. He was now trying to turn the world back to what was once the world. He, who had started this, wanted to kill every vampire and let humans live. But he was so stupid. He tried to kill those we were protecting with our lives and he would end up killing us as well. I couldn't die - the whole original thing- but normal humans (As normal as humans was) they could die just by a simple draining of their blood. 

"I hate my father, Harry," I whispered.

He stopped walking and went over to me, putting his arm around my shoulders. "I know sweetheart but we have to go on, or else he will kill-"

"You," I ended his sentence. "And that would be a tragedy?" 

He looked at me with evil eyes. "Yes,"


"Because you would die with me,"

Oh one thing; If the first original vampire dies, the one attached to him by love or originality would die with him. I was an original as he was and I would die with him. My dad hadn't thought about this at all....

I sighed, giving him a you win smile and walked on. He catched up with me and we just walked in silence.


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