An Epic Hunt For Love (A Harry Styles Science/Fan Fiction)

On Wattpad, two months ago, I decided to make a surprise story for my readers. This is it. I wanna put it onto Movellas too to see the reaction from the two best writing wesites on the planet.

Description; So this story has vampires, immortal humans, humans, vampire hunters (Humans demonstarting against the new system), human hunters (Vampires who just hunts the humen that tries to escape their lords).
Alicia was a normal, well nearly normal, girl, until her father decided to try and change the world. He turned Alicia into an immortal human and her best friend Harry got turned to a vampire. Harry had always loved Alicia, but his best friend Dean and Alicia had an on and off relationship and when Dean breaks Alicias heart, Harry is dangerously angry.
Love blinds Alicia and she takes her time to find out her feelings for Harry, but she knows there are some. And the travel made it much greater, right?


7. Super Sexy Underwear and Bra

Harry slowly put his arm around Alicia. She was lying on his stomach, and he couldn't stand waking her up to ask her to move. He sighed. He knew he felt something that he shouldn't feel towards his slave. But he just felt that way. That squeezingly, burning desire inside of him. He knew she was the reason. He had never felt this way towards a girl. It had always been Alicia. His best friend. His lover. And then nothing at last. 

~Alicia's POV!

I felt his arm lay around me, protectively. I was the one to protect him, but this felt so safe. Like no one was after us. Like my father was just a mad scientist and the rest of the world was just shaddows that didn't belong to any body. Just shaddows flooding around in the air. But I knew it wasn't like that. It would never be. 

I pushed his arm away and rolled onto my side, away from his embrace. I couldn't let myself fall for him again, nor could I let him fall for me again. His head lie onto my shoulder. 

I felt him stare. "What?" I breathed out a smile spreading across my face.

"You're just as beautiful as you were twenty years ago,"

"Yeah being an immortal human makes you look younger," I said, totally surprising him. I started laughing, but held it in.

"You think you're funny huh?" he rolled me onto my back and sat onto my tummy. "I'll show you what's funny," he said evilly and started tickling me. 

I laughed loudly and started kicking with my feet. "Stop it Harry" I cried out in a laugh.

"You think you're funny?" he asked.

"No I'm not!" I said and laughed off as he let go of me and rolled onto his side. 

I hit his chest and rolled onto my side, my back to the tent wall and my head at his shoulder. "Vamp,"





"You see we're going nowhere now. It's a horrible thing both of them," he mumbled. "Human," he hit my arm.

"Ouch!" I frowned at him. "What was that for?"

"Nothing," he said, sniggering. 

I hit his chest again and stood up, taking off my clothes again.

"Well, now you're stripping too," he said.

I turned around and looked at him. "Admit it you like it," I said and took on a shirt, that had to be closed on the back by a zipper.

"Help please?" I looked down at him.

He rose to his feet and started zipping up my shirt. "You girls and your confusing clothes,"

I giggled and felt him pull the zipper up, slowly. When he was done I turned around to him. I looked into his green eyes. A spot shined red. I knew he would soon need some blood. I knew where he would need it from... 

"Erh..." I said awkwardly and turned away from him and bowed down for a pair of jeans. I took a black pair and pulled them on. "Better be going," I said and fixed my hair in a high pony tail. He nodded slowly and took some new clothes on. I got my leather jacket on and pulled the sleeves over my hands as I walked out of the tent. I got the last bit of our fire into a bush and started packing the sheets and blankets into my backpack. Harry came out and packed the tent into his backpack.

When we were done, we looked at our old camp. "Sad we have to go," I said and turned around and started walking. Harry came up beside me and linked our arms together.

I laughed as he lifted me into his arms and carried me bridal style. "This is so innapropiate,"

"Yeah you're innapropiate,"

I hit his head. "Who of us is it that is carrying his slave bridal style?"

"Who of us is it that is wearing super sexy underwears and bras? Not me for sure,"

I sighed. "You never know when you need to have sexy underwear and bra on," I said and he laughed.


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