An Epic Hunt For Love (A Harry Styles Science/Fan Fiction)

On Wattpad, two months ago, I decided to make a surprise story for my readers. This is it. I wanna put it onto Movellas too to see the reaction from the two best writing wesites on the planet.

Description; So this story has vampires, immortal humans, humans, vampire hunters (Humans demonstarting against the new system), human hunters (Vampires who just hunts the humen that tries to escape their lords).
Alicia was a normal, well nearly normal, girl, until her father decided to try and change the world. He turned Alicia into an immortal human and her best friend Harry got turned to a vampire. Harry had always loved Alicia, but his best friend Dean and Alicia had an on and off relationship and when Dean breaks Alicias heart, Harry is dangerously angry.
Love blinds Alicia and she takes her time to find out her feelings for Harry, but she knows there are some. And the travel made it much greater, right?


4. RUN!

Harry was very drained of breath as he looked at Alicia. She stood with gaping mouth, staring at him. She then picked herself up and walked over to him. She grabbed his arm, without saying anything and pulled him down the corridors.

"I have to go," she said to the lady behind the desk.

"Why?" Mistress Jackie Mars asked with wide eyes, looking at Harry.

"He's back," was all Alicia had to say and Jackie grabbed a remote, pressed a button and the wall behind her opened. 

"Take anything you'll need and get out of town as quick as possible!" she said and walked out of the office.

"How did he look?" Alicia asked as she ran around in the room behind the desk. She grabbed all kinds of stuff; Flashlights, sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, waterbottles, food packages, ect. She packed it into a huge bag she had by her hand and turned to Harry.

"As usual," he said and grabbed the bag she threw at him. 

She took another bag and filled it with the same stuff. "We have to go, now," she said and grabbed his arm.

"Where?" he asked. He looked terrified. Everyone would be terrified if the biggest vampire hunters of all time was after you.

"I don't know just please come with me now Harry!" she yelled.

"Don't," Harry pulled his arm out of her grip. "Yell at me," 

"Come on Harry," she spelled out and went out of the office door. 

Harry stood for a moment but then walked after her. 

~Alicia's POV!

I walked faster and faster, trying to get away from the Acadamy. Harry kept up with me, walking in the shadows as much as possible but at last I had to drive the toned car over to him cause the sun was shining on my paths through the snow.

Harry jumped into the car and I speed out of the driveway, away from the Acadamy. 

"Right when you think you're back you have to go," I sighed.

Harry kept silent. I kept driving till we were out of the sun side. It will mean that we were in a vampire ruled city now. When the sun wasn't shining in a city, it meant that it was a vampire city, with human slaves to protect them from the vampire hunters. 

I stopped driving and looked at Harry. He stared back into my eyes.

"Okay when I say run, you run," I said.

"Why would I take orders from a hu-"

"Because you're in danger. And you know it. And I'm the only one who can truly protect you so run,"

I stepped out of the car and pulled the two back packs out of the backseat. Harry came over to my side and took one of the back packs on his back and looked alarmingly at me.

"One," I heard the cracking of ice behind us. "Two," the wheel spins came closer. "Three," the yelling became louder and louder. "RUN!" I whisper-shouted and started running like mad.

Harry, who was faster than me, ran before me, but he knew I could catch up with him. 

"They left thier car here!" someone yelled from behind us.

I ran faster and faster, catched up with Harry, and then I turned to the left. Harry followed me, as he knew that I knew the woods around here best. The trees over our heads swayed in the wind just like they had done the night of my twenty-six escape from Harrys house. The trees were just black silhouettes in the dark. Harry was just a black silhouette in the dark, with his red shiny eyes looking at me. I ran faster, jumped and sat in a tree. Harry jumped after me and we started climbing the tree, higher and higher. When we reached the top, I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him over the small bridge. Bridges in the sky, in the tree tops, were normal. It was how humans escaped from the earth and could hide away from their Lords or hunters. 

"You okay?" I asked as we had been running over three bridges.

"Yeah, you?" he asked, concern in his eyes.

"You're concerned about me?" I cried out. "I'm fine," I said and ran over the fouth bridge. I took a turn and stopped running.

"Oh no," I whispered.

"What?" Harry came up behind me.

"Just stick close to me, act like a human and don't get killed," I whispered. I looked forward again and saw the human camp in the largest tree top where a fire was lit and people were talking.

I walked towards them. "Hi guys," I said. "Erh.. We are just running through," I looked around at each and everyone of my fellow humans who were sitting with raised eyebrows. "Hunters," I explained.

"Ohhhh," one of the humans said. "Okay run through," she said and got her fellow friends to move away so we could walk through.

"Thanks," I said and this time i grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him with me through the tree top. 

"Good luck," the group said behind us.

"Good liar there," Harry mumbled.

I let go of his hand and walked on. "Don't you start caring what I do now,"

"I always cared about what you did," 

I blushed, but it wasn't seen as the dark was sorounding us again. I hanked up in my back pack and walked on over the bridge. 

When we figured that we were no longer followed by the hunters, we made a small camp under a high tree. We put up a tent and put the sleeping bags inside. We wrapped the blankets around us and sat on some sheets around the small fire that I made.

I sat on one side of the fire and he sat on the other. 

"So, worse experience ever?" I asked and looked at Harry.

"Turning," we said in unision.

"How was your turning?" I asked.

"Painful," he mumbled. "When my teeth started growing out, I was freaking out. I wasn't really awake the whole time but..." 

"My turning wasn't really painful. But the fact that I had turned became a painful fact. I had to watch my cousins and grandparents die, and that's more than twenty years ago," I mumbled.

I felt a cold wind and Harry was sitting beside me, his hands folded. 

I giggled. That was so much like Harry. He pulled me into his chest and kissed my head. "I'm half imortal, you know. I'll never leave you as long as you keep me safe," 

I hugged him. "This is becoming more and more weird. Normally I would kill you for even sitting beside me. But this time I feel safe,"

I can't believe I just said that! 

"Yeah a vampire and a human wouldn't sit like this," he mumbled.

"No... But we have a story no one knows,"

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