An Epic Hunt For Love (A Harry Styles Science/Fan Fiction)

On Wattpad, two months ago, I decided to make a surprise story for my readers. This is it. I wanna put it onto Movellas too to see the reaction from the two best writing wesites on the planet.

Description; So this story has vampires, immortal humans, humans, vampire hunters (Humans demonstarting against the new system), human hunters (Vampires who just hunts the humen that tries to escape their lords).
Alicia was a normal, well nearly normal, girl, until her father decided to try and change the world. He turned Alicia into an immortal human and her best friend Harry got turned to a vampire. Harry had always loved Alicia, but his best friend Dean and Alicia had an on and off relationship and when Dean breaks Alicias heart, Harry is dangerously angry.
Love blinds Alicia and she takes her time to find out her feelings for Harry, but she knows there are some. And the travel made it much greater, right?


2. An Escapre Followed By A Capture

They were coming for her. She was running through the woods. The high trees over her head was swaying in the cool December wind. The snow was falling on her, making it harder to run from the vampires. The sun wouldn't rise soon. That would be her only chance to escape. The sun. But it wouldn't rise. Not in this end of the world. She stopped running, looked back over her shoulder to see if the vampires had catched up with her. They had, of course, cause they were quicker than her. 

Before the scream could escape her mouth, the lord of all lords, were holding her tight, her chest up againts one of the swaying trees. Vampires were taking her hands behind her back, spraying it with Fabalara. Fabalara is the only thing that could really harm immortal humans. Their bodies, if you sprayed it on their body, would become numb. In her case her hands got numb. She couldn't feel anything in her hands and as she heard the crack, she knew her hands were broken. She knew that the next morning, she would have bandages aroudn her hands, because they were fractured by such a strong hand, the hand of a vampire.

The next morning, she was completely right. Lord Harry was one of the most polite vampires. She had bandages around her hands. Harry would always put bandages around her hands, whenever she had tried to escape and the vampires would have had to break her arms. 

She rested her head back on the bars of her cage. She could see a dark shaddow in the room, sitting on a chair infront of her cage. He was looking at her. Making sure she wouldn't try to escape the Lord's house again. 

She rolled onto her side and saw some of her blonde hair slid infront of her face. She blew it away and tried to sit up again, but her hands wouldn't do as she wanted to do. There came two hands from behind and helped her up sitting. She could see the pool of blood around her. 

Her chest was rising and falling with the anger she felt. Sweat were dripping from her forehead and she was sure she looked worse than she felt. 

"Tried to escape again, huh?" his British accent sounded from the shaddow.

"Just trying to live," she screamed.

"Keep it down girl," he said.

She gritted her teeth at him. He just looked at her with a smirk. Well, she imagined he did. It was too dark in the room that she could see him, but she knew she was in a cage. Every prisoner that tried to escape was put in a cage, having their 'owner' looking at them.

"You know, you could stop trying to escape and embrace how good you actually have it," he said and stood up, walking towards her cage.

"Why would I embrace something that had anything to do with you?!" she yelled.

"If you keep," he said through gritted teeth, "having that attitude, we might kill you,"

"You can't kill me! My dad was the one to make me like this! I'm an original and you can't kill me! You can harm me but never kill!" she said, a little more polite. 

Lord Harry turned around and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut after him.

Alicia breathed out heavilly and rested her head back on the bars. "What are you looking at?!" she screamed and the last vampires in the room turned around and started drinking their beers and drinks and talking about how exciting the hunting had been.

~Alicia's POV! 

I sighed loudly. "Can I get some food?!" I yelled out and sat a little more straight. "You know lord Harry, I can sit here and not die while you can walk around and die. You need me to protect you and you know that!"

I saw a glass of water being pushed in from the side of my cage. I crawled over to it, feeling like an animal. I was right, Harry needed me to protect him from the horrible creatures that tried to kill vampires. The vampire hunters. 

"Drink it," the human hunter said.

I nodded and reached my left hand out after the glass of water. I finally got it and drank it all in one sip. It cooled my throat extremly much and I could feel how I felt slightly more polite and calm, comparred to the fact that I was in a cage.

"When do you realize how much you need me?" I shouted. I knew he could hear me. He could see me. He was practically sitting on me right now. He was above me. On the floor above me. The floor down to the dungeons were see through for the ones on the second floor. But I couldn't see him, the ceiling was just a ceiling to me. 

"Girl be quiet," someone yelled from the bar.

I turned around to the human hunters in the bar. "I'll be as loud as I want to cause you all know that you need me to protect you!" I yelled.

"That's it I'm going to kill that fucking human!" 

"No!" Lord Harry had stepped into the room. 

Everyone went quiet. I was breathing heavilly, staring at the shaddow I had never really seen. 

"Alicia," he said. "Come with me, be quiet, don't try to run away," 

I nodded, politely and saw how the bars were pulled to the sides. 


Authors note! So I used a lot of time on this as well. It took some time to get started, but I had the plot and I have build on it ever since the day I wrote this. Now please comment, vote and add the story to your reading list? 

Thank you! 

-Yasmin Tvede ;) I love you all

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