One Way Or Another

This is about about angelina who ends up meeting one direction and falls in love!!!



                 I woke up in the morning to my room mate screaming in my face to WAKE UP!!!  I asked her 'Why". Then she said "I need u to go to the store for me and get bacon!! Ok i responded. I got ready and wore black skinny jeans and a purple tank top. When I got to the store i was walking down a section and then some one bumped into me. I looked up to see a man with black hair with a blond part on it and huge glasses.  I then yelled "What was that for! He then said "I'M so sorry and im zayn by the way , ill make it up to you by dinner if you'd like. I then said ok ill agree to that only if u take off your glasses.He took them off. I then noticed he was zayn from one direction. I just stood there looking at him. Till HE SAID "Do u like what you see." Then i said 'Are you zayn from one direction . He resonded with 'YES!!

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